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EXCLUSIVE: Peking Duk Talk Upcoming Tour, New Music and More

Australian DJ duo Peking Duk never let us down, even though their collaboration last year with Icona Pop (titled “Let You Down”) once tried to suggest that us. First, they are always releasing banger after banger: after the multi-platinum collaborations with Elliphant (“Stranger”), Icona Pop (“Let You Down”) and AlunaGeorge (“Fake Magic”), the duo have just dropped their latest mini-EP featuring no one other than Sarah Aarons, also known as one of the driving forces on hits like “Stay” or “The Middle”. Then they released a whole mini-movie for us. And now, they have something even bigger and better to announce: Peking Duk are going on tour and are ready to take over Europe and the UK.

As if that was not exciting enough already, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles took some time off in between doing sets in the US to talk to us exclusively about their upcoming live performances, what we can expect from them, which artist they would love to collaborate with and which tour gig was their craziest.

Read all about it in the interview down below:

Hey, guys! Lovely to meet you! How are you guys doing?

Reuben: Doing great, thank you. Just touched down in New York so we’re gonna grab some Shake Shack and Crack Pie as soon as possible.

We are huge fans over here and we wanted to congratulate you on the release of Reprisal! How does it feel to put have so much new music out at once? 

Adam: Thank you for the love! The feeling is mutual. We are fans over here too. It feels great to be able to show a different side of what we love making, especially with “Distant Arizona” on Reprisal. “Fire” has a much more traditional Peking Duk sound, I guess, but it’s cool to have the two together yet also fit within the same aesthetic. Both songs have that western sounds throughout and then there’s also the mini movie!

Were the fans’ reactions anywhere close to the way you imagined them?

Reuben: Honestly the amount of friends and family that called just to say how amazed they were meant the most. Fan reactions are always great and make everything feel special, but they are more often than not “yes” people. Friends and fam are great critics, who aren’t afraid to say when something is mediocre.

What inspired you to shoot a whole short film for it? 

Adam: “Distant Arizona” is just such a cinematic song. You can’t help but think of galloping horses and gunshots when you hear it. We had to bring that to life so we reached out to our brother Ryan Sauer and we brainstormed. The next week we shot over 2 days and what you see is the product of that!

You already collaborated with Icona Pop, Elliphant and AlunaGeorge. What is the process behind these collaborations?

Reuben: We first met Elliphant at DJ Snake’s Coachella pool party a couple years ago. She said to us that she wanted to make a song with us, which we didn’t believe at first. Then when she was en route to Australia later that year her manager hit us up and we all tee’d up a sesh in Sydney. From there we made a bunch of songs with her and even went to Stockholm to keep making songs with her. We decided the one to put out was “Stranger”. With Aluna [George] and Icona [Pop], it was all via the intrawebs, which rarely works out but those guys absolutely nailed our vision for those particular songs.

With which artist would you love to collaborate in the future (again) and why? 

Adam: Francis and the Lights. Francis has a beautiful nostalgic feeling to all of his music that I can’t seem to find with anyone else right now. Amazingly talented individual that is destined for greatness no doubt.

Which musical style would you like to incorporate in your future releases (whether remixes or original releases)?

Reuben: We are very keen to incorporate more punk rock and hip hop.

Are any new songs in the making right now? 

Adam: There are many in the making!

You are currently making your way across the globe with your tour. What is your favorite tour memory so far and why?

Reuben: Fav tour memory is impossible to say. The last time we played in London though was up there. Example rocked up to our Koko show and jumped on stage for a couple bars, then we ended up drinking for 3 days straight around London. I think every time we end up in London it blows out of control.

You’ve sold out some pretty great venues so far but: Which one most certainly did not let you guys down and where would you just love to play one day? 

Adam: KOKO in London was madness. Huge vibe from the rip to the dip and our brother Example came on stage and rapped, also the Icona Pop legends joined us to sing! Great times in Camden.

If we were to visit you on your tour: what can we expect from a Peking Duk concert?

Reuben: A sweaty, fun, good time.

What is your go-to-song to get a party started? 

Adam: Right now that would be “All Mine” by Kanye. That hook gets me every time.

We saw that you are also huge supporters of the LGBT community. As it is Pride month: which three songs would you advise us to listen to when getting ready for the celebrations?


1. Peking Duk – High.
2. Irene Cara – What A Feeling
3. White Town – Your Woman

“Stranger” won “Song of the Year 2017” and you are currently touring the world. During all this time: what are you the most proud of? 

Adam: Probably making ourselves proud here and there to be honest. We never dreamed of doing the things we get to do now so each day is a whole new wild ride. We’re just enjoying it as we go!

What is some advice you can offer to our readers?

Reuben: Life is long, slow down, and don’t take it too seriously.

Thank you so much guys! Excited to see and hear more of you! 

Thank you! Looking forward to having a drink or 10 at our UK shows!

Peking Duk are touring Europe in September of this year, starting off in Dublin on the 5th, ending in Paris on the 16th. They are also coming to Bristol, Manchester, London, Stockholm and Berlin. You can check out all the tour dates on their website.

Their latest mini-movie “Reprisal” is available for viewing on YouTube. Their musical endeavors are available for streaming and purchasing on the digital retailer of your choice.

Be sure to check out Peking Duk when they come to a location near you and to also follow them on their socials: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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