EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: ash.ØK ‘Shattered On The Inside’ ft. Conkarah x DJ Jounce

ash.ØK, aka Ashok Kailath, drops a hot new single today, called “Shattered On The Inside.” From his album The Unraveled, the song features the mellow tones of Conkarah and the polished house vibe of DJ Jounce. The integration of the threesome’s talents results in a cool, potent sound with a contagious dance beat.

The song relates the tale of emotional denial and overcompensation. A couple whose relationship is falling apart decides to paint the town red. Their attempt to numb the pain is superficial; underneath, the turbulence simmers and festers. The pretense merely exacerbates the fact they are “Shattered On The Inside.”

The poignant lyrics convey the cataclysm come into their lives and, like the plague, it has infected them both.

“Nights wrapping over our souls / Buried in our memories / No dreams other than this / I can’t remember how it used to be / Pretty lights flashing in your eyes / Only we could ever know / Deeper truths, shackled away / Scream and let go/ Shattered on the inside /Pretending that we’re alright / Falling deeper, intoxicated / These dreams got me faded.”

Opening with tight guitar riffs flowing into resonating powerful synths, the tune accelerates into a throbbing house glow. Swirling hues from the synths ride below the silky-smooth vocals. The mood of the melody is opaquely upbeat, mesmerizing, and thrumming with energy. The synthesis of rhythm and harmonics exudes a Jovian muscularity that’s irresistible, demanding you get up and move to the beat.

The video, directed by Matthew Gold, contrasts light and dark with the finesse of Ridley Scott. Set in an abandoned factory in Philly, superb dancers perform intricately choreographed movements amid shadowy ruin, symbolizing the slow emotional destruction occurring inside the couple.

“Shattered On The Inside” fuses bravura dance dynamics with compelling rhythm, producing omnipotent waves of music that are infectiously radiant. ash.ØK definitely has it going on!

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.