Exclusive World Premiere: Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio “That’s What Girls Do”

Bianca and Chaira are back with a brand new music video! The adorable twins got to chatting with us on it all and we got the exclusive world premiere of “That’s What Girls Do”. Not to even mention some super cool behind the scenes photos.

“That’s What Girls Do” is not your typical style. What made you gravitate towards changing up your sound?
“Chiara : We wanted to try something out of our comfort zone. To rap is really hard…it definitely has its own rhythm. Being a drummer i feel helped me pick up rapping a little easier.”

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 1

The song was produced by Grammy winning Jared Gosselin! Did he give you gals any career advice?
“Jared was great to work with. He always encouraged us to work hard and continue with our instruments. The song was written by Chris La Vrar, from Americas Got Talent. He is an amazing freestyle rapper. He came over one day and we sat down and just worked it out.”

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 5

Where you able to have a lot of say for the music video?
“We were so lucky to work with the amazing Paul Boyd. After meeting us he really captured who we are. We love to have fun, shop and hang out with our friends. But we also bring up animal rescue and so excited that our 2 rescue dogs make a cameo. Who doesn’t love a St Bernard & a Newfoundland? We also talk about school and its importance.

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 6

When it came to casting, we were so lucky to find such amazing dancers and to have so many of our friends in the video with us.”

We see some familiar faces in the video! Tell us how that came about.
“Mace Coronel, from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. We have been friends with Mace since we were 6yrs old. His mom and our mom are friends. They are such an amazing family and loved having them be a part of our video.

Miss California , Nadia Mejia, was the perfect teacher…when you see video you will know why !! We first saw her win her title last year at Miss California. We then met her at YEA Awards where she was a host and we were nominated. When Paul said we needed a Teacher role filled, she was our first choice.

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 3

Paul wanted a young, hip DJ, and Lela B is that and more. We have been friends with Lela B and her mom for years. We just went to her birthday party a few weeks before we were casting for this role. You can listen to her on Saturdays on Radio Disney.”

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 4

We know stuff is super hush hush, but you lot shot a pilot for Disney XD, can you tell us any updates?
“We cant say to much, but we had a great time working with everyone. We can tell you we are in pre production on a movie ” Repression” which will shoot in Washington State in a April. Plus 2 other TV projects over next few of months.”

Exclusive Premiere: Bianca and Chiara 8

Ok, we’re going do a “this or that”, every twin for themselves!

Chocolate or Vanilla? Both Chocolate
Cat or Dog? Both, we love all animals
Ketchup or Mustard? Chiara : Ketchup all the way / Bianca Ketchup
Netflix or YouTube? Chiara: Thats a hard one..Youtube/ Bianca: Youtube
Cheeseburger or Taco? Chiara : Tacos / Bianca Cheeseburger
Video games or board games? Both Board Games
Winter or Summer? Chiara- winter / Bianca -summer

We’ll certainly be seeing more of these gals in the future! Stay hooked to @CelebMix on Twitter for more exclusives!

Written by CelebMix