Exclusive Premiere: Eulene releases the music video for her single “Megalomaniac”

Following the legacy of her family’s appreciation of arts, Eulene embarked on the musical journey in search of a medium for offering an expression of her own. Creating her own niche in the realm of electro-pop, Eulene is an artist to look out for. Her works offer us a glimpse into her vision as an artist and posit her both as a writer and as a performer.

In an exclusive premiere with CelebMix, electro-pop songstress is revealing the music video for her second single “Megalomaniac”, from her self-titled EP.  Previous self-titled album “Eulene” was mixed by Grammy-nominated mix engineer Erik Madrid (ZAYN, Demi Lovato, Kehlani, Kiiara, 30 Seconds to Mars, Charli XCX, Tinashe, Kygo).

The single “Megalomaniac” stands true to its theme. This intensive track is backed by a range of instruments, each of them standing out to give a unique character to the single. This headbanger makes you move to the beats and urges you to transcend to an alternative universe. Leaving a lasting impression on the listener, the effect of “Megalomaniac” is not bound to subside, thanks to the musical arrangement.

Going by the literal meaning of the word, the song talks about excess and how futile can possession in excess be. Be it an intangible concept of power or a tangible commodity like money and materialistic possessions, the song offers a critique of obsession. Eulene’s stunning vocals blend beautifully with the ominous track, keeping us hooked. Taking about her single, Eulene said,

“Megalomaniac is about excess. The excess of wealth and power…the excess of a dose that poisons.”

The effervescent music video overflows with shimmer, perfectly complimenting the audio. The melodic beauty that one finds in the audio is translated to the theme of the music video wherein one can find Eulene adorning the materialistic setup. It seems like she is producing the setup while at the same time, being produced by it.

Eulene’s free-spirited approach to music is reminiscent of groundbreaking acts like Björk, M.I.A., and Lorde. Eulene’s electro-alt-pop sound can be compared to the dark undertones of Grimes, the dance-inducing vocal hooks of Robyn, and the trendy St Vincent while still incorporating more experimental elements that you would find in an artist like Son Lux.

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