Exclusive Premiere: Girl Pow-R release the music video for “Fun All Day”

Who represents the young?

Today, we have a lot of artists and singers who share their experiences of being in love, finding themselves, and discovering some unknown truths of life. But not many singers talk about being a kid, from a kid’s perspective. It’s either a wish to return to the past or a distanced view of that phase of life. But what about the present moment, the moment kids are living now?

When Girl Pow-R debuted, their main objective was to share the experiences and messages through inspiring and age-appropriate lyrics that would resonate with kids in their pre-teens or teenage years. Comprising of Ava, Bella, Carina, Kalista, Krisalyn, and Milana, this all-girl pop rock group have been garnering attention since the release of their first single.

The group was launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day in support of #BeBoldForChange campaign. Each member of the group is associated with a social cause, trying to shed a light on some important issues including girls’ education, youth homelessness and many others. They have now been named the Global Ambassadors of The 2018 Toronto Youth Day.

Today, CelebMix is premiering the music video for their new single “Fun All Day”. Infused with catchy music and positive lyrics, the song talks about that one day when we all wish to be carefree, spending our most important moments with our loved ones.

‘Fun All Day’ reflects the magic between you and your best friend. You each don’t need to feel alone because you’re always there for each other. And, as you spend more time together and get to know each other even more, you realize that the bond between you makes life wonderful, allowing you to take a chance and chase your dreams. There is always so much you can do together, you can conquer the world, and you can have fun all day — wherever you go and whatever you do!

Instead of a set choreography, the music video shows girls having fun as they roam around the town, singing and dancing together to their favourite music.

Check out the music video below:

It’s interesting that the creative team has retained the old school vibe in the music video. A single view would be enough to bring back all the wonderful childhood memories.

While talking about their new single, each member shared their experience of shooting the music video:

CARINA: “Filming the music video for ‘Fun All Day’ was an awesome experience. Also, having filmed it in my hometown of Unionville makes me feel like I’m sharing my everyday surroundings with the rest of the world! I had an amazing time at all the little shops, picnic areas and ice cream stops. We really had fun all day!”

BELLA:  “The making of the ‘Fun All Day’ music video, like the others, was amazing. We had awesome sets! Whenever we dance and sing with a passion, it makes the audience feel like they are connecting with us and they sing along to our songs. This is the greatest compliment!”

KALISTA:   It’s like the song says, we had fun all day together! The members of Girl Pow-R are some of my best friends. Best way to spend a day!!

MILANA:  Filming ‘Fun All Day’ was a video shoot to remember!  Even though we were so busy and hard at work, having FUN, we had time to explore the quaint town of Unionville and enjoy the boutiques and treats along the way! Always make time to have FUN with your friends no matter how busy life gets!

KRISALYN:  Today is finally the day! Our ‘Fun All Day’ video is finally out! This video was by far the most fun video to shoot! Water balloons, ice cream and a picnic in the beautiful little town of Unionville. It was so much ‘Fun All Day’ ;) We hope you like it just as much as we do :)

AVA:  I had such a blast making this video with the girls. It was a hot summer day and loved doing the different scenes and spending the day with my friends, it truly was “fun all day”!

Girl Pow-R have also been nominated for Best New Group at The 2018 Niagara Music Awards and will be performing as well. These young women are truly an example of what youngsters can achieve, if given a chance.

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