Exclusive Premiere: GLOSSE release their single “Malibu Long Haul”

A few months ago, GLOSSE debuted in the music scene with their enigmatic single “We Got Heat”. With a distinctive sound and contemplative lyrics, the electropop troupe has made it clear that they are not here to blend in but instead to stand out.

Their music provides an unflinching commentary for people’s lives, so they can recognize and reflect on their own experiences of love and loss, desires, and self-truths.

Today, CelebMix is premiering their new single titled “Malibu Long Haul”.

Malibu Long Haul is a cathartic single that talks about the last stage in a relationship where the mere presence of “once loved” person is suffocating. The more honest participants of such charades find themselves wondering where’s the spark that they once shared? How did the situation descend into this ticking time bomb? The truth of reality can be a tough pill to swallow, but much easier when delivered in the form of brooding synths by this enigmatic group.

The song need not be mistaken as a “breakup single”. Instead, it needs to be perceived as a reflection on that aspect of a relationship that not many people likes to talk about. You can listen to this introspective track on SoundCloud:



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Written by Ayushi

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