Exclusive Premiere: Helga Arvesten releases her EP “I’m Here”

What makes a song memorable? To a music listener, a song becomes memorable when its value remains intact even after years of its origination. Be it “Viva La Vida” or “Halo”, music industry has blessed us with songs that we all tend of resonate with at different stages or circumstances of our lives.

Helga Arvesten knows the influence that words can have on the listener and her artistry makes her awareness quite evident. Today, CelebMix premiers her 3-track EP titled “I’m Here”.

“I’m Here” features Helga’s latest release “Next To You”, along with two unreleased tracks “I’m Here” and “What You’re Made Of”.  

“Next To You” was inspired by Helga’s quest to find reason during a time of inner turmoil, confusion and anger. “I’m Here” is about overcoming being pushed to the edge by insecurities, it acts as a response to “Next To You”. The final and third track on the EP is an empowering and somewhat twisted track, it contains some ‘glitches’ giving the track a futuristic touch with a sense of hesitance.

Blessed with the conscience and sensibility, the Swede singer-songwriter has made a beautiful use of her art in her new EP. By narrating the pain and reflections of her own life, she seems to offer a method of healing to the listeners. By emphasizing on her presence as a “listener”, she is making herself present to those who often seek a patient company. 

Her new project has a depth that draws the listener and keep her/him focused throughout the EP. Giving each and every word its own time, Arvesten’s intense and melancholic vocals contrast well with the background music, giving each track,  a sense of quest and restlessness.

“Next to You” has an interesting climax that hooks the listener till the culminating point of the third track, giving Aversten’s EP a kind of coherency that is often missed in the albums these days.

The singer-songwriter definitely knows what she aims to achieve through her art. Helga’s music, just like her art gives an insider look into this creator’s life. Holding a lot of complexity and stirring up emotions for the listener/viewer, but this of course is purposefully done.

Helga thrives on the idea that anything you make must come from an honest place since this is the only way what we make can hold the power to change someone, only in an instant or maybe permanently.

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Written by Ayushi

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