Exclusive Premiere: Izellah releases her single “Where Nobody Knows Me”

Izellah is back to make your day with her new single. In an exclusive premiere with CelebMix, the single is releasing her song “Where Nobody Knows Me”.

With a debut album scheduled for release later in the year, a movie in the pipeline and a growing social media presence, this song is sure to strengthen Izellah’s growing fan base.

Backed with acoustic guitar, the song is a reflective ode to introverts and a note of comfort for anyone looking for some solace. “Where Nobody Knows Me” talks about an incessant urge to break away from the hustle bustle to our ever running and evolving lives and finding a moment of peace. Today, when our time is consumed in a competitive race to do better than the yesterday for a fulfilling tomorrow, Izellah offers a moment of pause to make listeners question if this race is worth the effort.

Her effervescent voice creates a dreamy scape and helps listeners transcend to imaginary places where the possibility of mental peace and happiness seems to materialise. The reliance on guitar makes it possible for listeners to enjoy transitions and beautiful adlibs taken by Izellah as she shows her vocal talent through her new track.

Set to release today, the song will definitely make way to your playlist after a single listen.

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Written by Ayushi

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