Exclusive Premiere: JBACH is set to release his single “Old Me”

Ignacy Jan Paderewski once said, “the culture of any country is gauged first by its progress in art”. Art survives in a culture through different forms, some times through acquiescing and at other times through rebellion, the latter being the consequence of society’s constant pressure on people especially youngsters to conform with conventional methods of living including studying and following the professions of science (the debate between the rational and irrational).

A Chaldean, coming from the family of pharmacists, JBACH found himself in a dilemma when he had to make a choice between his and his family’s dream for his future. Wanting to pursue a career in music, JBACH was aware of the transgression he will have to make. Shortly after his time on The Voice, under team Pharrell, he decided to leave school behind and pursue music full time.

His dilemma finds its place in his new song “Old Me”, where he talks about the conflict he personifies, trying to live a life on his own will as an artist without succumbing to societal pressures while at the same time, attempting to bring visibility to his culture.

JBACH aims to motivate Chaldeans to pursue their dreams. Talking about his single, the artist said,

“Old Me” addresses, the conversation between the confident artist in me and the Jonathan part of me that wants to please my family and live out the secure easy life that I could have had.”

DJ Swivel, the producer for some of the hit tracks in the music industry once said that a good song is the one that can be broken down to be played solely on guitar, irrespective of its genre. Backed on guitar, “Old Me” contains a beautiful contrast of optimistic music with lyrics narrating suffering. Adopting the mantra of “kill them with a smile”, the song is a rebel’s answer to the society. The melody is addicting and gets stuck in one’s mind in a single listen.

For a long time, the debate between arts and other professions has led people to take the former for granted and the latter to possess certain authority. Instead of understanding the significance of both fields, people have wasted their time, trying to validate their position by demeaning the other. Through his song, JBACH has put forth an important question. Bearing the cost of his pursuit, JBACH’s new song is an appeal for a change in society’s attitude.

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Written by Ayushi

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