Exclusive Premiere: Jordan Barone drops the music video of “Same Thing”

A Chief Engineer at Red Planet Studios, Jordan Barone has a history of working with notable artists in the industry. With audio engineering as his primary forte, Barone has contributed his skills and expertise in different productions, working with A Boogie, PnB Rock, Kehlani, Tory Lanez, Rico Nasty, Raury and more.

But today, he debuts as an artist whose versatility will surely put you in awe. Proclaiming his spot as someone who wishes to stand out from the crowd, Barone is making a difference, right from the start. Defying the culture of a single feature, today, the artist introduces two aspects of himself via a double feature music video. Created in collaboration with Whipalo, (PnB Rock, Leeky Bandz), the music video will help listeners explore multiple sides of Barone as he showcases his skills as a vocalist and as a rapper.

The first feature of the music video is a lyrical ballad titled “Same Thing”. The track is about a doubt within one’s love-life that is bone-chilling yet soothing all at once. It addresses the worries and anxieties that a person can have in a romantic affair. The dark ambiance of the music video complements the dark thoughts that the protagonist seems to be having in the single, making the listener dive into his psyche and understand the narrative from his perspective.

The second feature is an intense rap. Titled “Used To”, the track is a proclamation of artist’s passion, his goals and how much effort has gone into “starting” his musical journey. It’s a personal account of struggle and aspiration. In this track, Barone’s diction is really clean and clear which eliminates the chance of listeners feeling distanced from the song due to its speed and flow. Instead, “Used To” draws one into the song and pay attention to the words.

The curation of these songs convey versatility in Barone’s writing style and serves as a teaser to his debut EP, Midnight Conversation.

In 2017, Jordan was awarded a DCA (Department of Cultural Affairs) Premier Grant through Staten Island Arts, towards his debut EP release. The project will deliver listeners to NYC late nights, devoid relationships, lost lovers, early A.M. ferry rides and city life. The autobiographical narrative presents the sublime introduction to the young man and his story.

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