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EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of KIIRA’s Debut Single ‘Last Time’

Rising Swiss-American singer/songwriter KIIRA was born in Paris and raised in Zurich and the 20-year-old recently connected with Grammy award winning super-producer Justin Trugman for what was intended to be a brief studio project. However the pair quickly found their styles and musical direction perfectly complimented one another and the rest as they say is history.

While in the recording studio KIIRA always reminds herself not to be afraid to step outside of her comfort zone because that is how you create great art that stands the test of time. The result of their studio sessions is the exciting debut single from the rising star; ‘Last Time’ which features Noah North. The first single from KIIRA is an electro-pop track.

Speaking about the single exclusively to Celeb Mix, the 20-year-old says: “This song means so much to me because of how I relate with it on a personal level. I recorded it in July and was going through some things, just trying to figure myself out and also cut ties with people who were bringing negative energy around. The title came from the theme of it’s the last time that I will let people take advantage of me, hurt and betray my trust.”  

Here we bring you the world exclusive first play of ‘Last Time’;

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