EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Madison Ryan Releases “In Too Deep” Music Video

18-year-old Madison Ryan may be young, but she’s ready to be a force to be reckoned with. She has just released her latest music video for her song “In Too Deep”, and CelebMix is excited to be premiering it!

The rising star from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania first debuted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with her first ever EP, Primary, recorded with producers Matt Malpass and Matt Holmes. Since kicking off her musical career, she’s been on the road opening for artists such as SayWeCanFly, and has played at festivals and music conferences! You’ll be able to catch her at this year’s Summerfest in Milwaukee on July 1st on the Johnson Controls Stage.

The music video for “In Too Deep” is paired perfectly with the song. Capturing the energy of the story being told, it takes you through the range of emotions and feelings that “In Too Deep” is expressing. It’s a powerful track backed with strong guitars and eye-catching visuals adding to the intensity of the song itself, taking its audience on a wild ride. It’s haunting, emotional, and badass all at once.

Madison Ryan gives us some insight on the song and its story.

In Too Deep is about being in a toxic relationship that you know you need to get out of but can’t bring yourself to because of how much it means and all the history you have with it. Sometimes we get ourselves so deep into something that there’s no use to stay and no use to leave. For this video I really wanted to capture the moody vibe of the song, the colors and different lighting we used bring that out and it really helps capture the essence of going a bit insane due to a toxic situation.

You can watch the “In Too Deep” video here:

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