Exclusive Premiere: Mrs. M releases the music video for “Tasty”

Today, Mongolian rapper Mrs. M is dropping the music video for her single “Tasty”. In an exclusive premiere and an interview with CelebMix, Mrs. M talked about her journey and the creative process that went behind creating the new song.

With geographical restrictions that create a lot of obstacles for artists, Mrs. M has made use of technology to reach out to her audience. Not only is she setting an example for other artists who are looking for the golden chance, she is also encouraging people, especially girls to overcome their problems and pave a path for themselves.

“Tasty” was produced by NASTEE from Pro Era, the New York hip hop collective that includes the likes of Joey Bada$$ and the late Capital STEEZ. With over 6.5 million YouTube views, and a voice and flow compared to the likes of Erykah Badu, Mrs. M drops “Tasty” as her first-ever English track. Talking about the new song, the artist said,

“I’m so excited to release my first English single “Tasty” and to work with NASTEE from Brooklyn’s Pro Era, and Silverstrike in Hong Kong. Growing up listening to Hip Hop and RnB music in Mongolia we never dreamed of such things! I sang and rapped in Mongolian because we are a small country, and I didn’t think we can go past that. We just make this music for ourselves. We only watch U.S. artists on YouTube and follow the new sounds, and never think we can be connected to places like Brooklyn. I really love the internet because it connected me to all of this.”

Check out the interview below to learn more about Mrs. M, her creative journey, and her goals:

Can you please share your musical journey with our readers, how did it begin?

There is a big music festival in my country, called Playtime. I used to be a drummer in 2008 in a girl band, we played post rock and dream pop music. Then the next year I performed there as a rhythm guitarist at the same festival. After that me and my family moved to Germany. Because of loneliness and no friends, I used to play my guitar in my bathroom – because my room was on the top floor, and there was no door. There I had privacy, and also good acoustics! Suddenly I discovered that I can sing, write a song and write lyrics. So I started to write songs on guitar. Over time I’ve changed from Rock, to Soul, to Hip Hop, hehe…

You earlier mentioned about the restrictions Mongolia put forth in terms of growth beyond one’s region. Can you please share your journey towards expansion outside Mongolia?

Well b2 Music found me on Youtube. They gave me this big opportunity, which makes me very happy and excited. It’s incredible, a new journey for me.

Traditionally, hip hop and R&B have been male-dominated genres. How do you perceive genres as an admirer and as a female artist who is now an active contributor to the canon of hip hop?

You know in my country there are not many female hip hop artists, so I think that’s why I am interesting – plus I don’t show my eyes. I always wear sunglasses u know. It makes me comfortable, and the guys kinda respect it. I’m not trying to be gangsta or anything, but it’s my look. And people do not recognize me when I take my glasses off. Also, I’m not just a rapper, I also sing. I have RnB, Pop, Alternative and Dance songs too. But my people really like to see me as a Hip Hop artist, and I love it too.

What role do you see social media playing in terms of connecting artists with admirers and even to the first time listeners?

I think it’s very important nowadays. It’s the only way to show them the real me! For example, by doing live videos, answering questions and just letting them know more about me. I usually use Instagram, and put my stories there, what I am doing, what I am listening to, etc. It’s also the only way a girl in Mongolia can reach out to the world, so it’s great!

Congratulations on “Tasty”. Please tell our readers a bit about the track.

Well you know, this song is my very first English track, and also very first song in any foreign language. And it was also my first time recording in another country. The beat is so good, it’s so nasty and the song is mixed by Nastee, haha.  I don’t wanna talk about the quality of the song, it’s just too good. He also worked with Joey Bada$$ which makes me speechless. The MV is also super sexy. Now I am very excited to see how people will react.

It will be your first ever English track. There is always a distinction in the meanings that one can decipher by understanding colloquial references and the meanings that can be interpreted via an English song. What led you to make a decision on creating an English track?

Well you know, I wanted to up my game. And the world’s language is English. So I chose to do an English song. Of course through a conversation and writing sessions with my team at b2 Music. And now I am working on another English song.

We would like to know the creative process that went behind creating the song and the music video.

First of all, we planned to shoot the video in Hong Kong. But then we decided to shoot it in Mongolia because it’s more real for me. I just wanted to show that Ulaanbaatar is a developed city, and since it’s my first real international song, it might be more interesting then shooting in HK. We even did a shoot in the dessert, which was cool but also the hardest shooting part for me.

How was the experience of working with NASTEE and Silverstrike? How did the collaboration come about?

Silverstrike is a b2 artist too, same as me. He is a super talented beatmaker. We really understood each other well, so it was easy to work with him. Then Sean knew Nastee from New York. The first time I heard Nastee’s mix for Tasty, I was just shocked. Because none of my previous songs had that good quality, and bottom end u know. I just said, shiiiiiiiiiiiit. haha

Please tell us a bit about Urban Asia Volume 2. What can fans expect from the second volume?

Fresh. Cool. 100% hip hop. Tracks from great artists all over Asia, like Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, etc.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or plans?

My new EP will come out soon with 4 songs – 2 English and 2 Mongolian. It’s so exciting, we’re talking to amazing producers like Nastee and Harry Fraud and also some crazy features. I will always keep it Mongolian, but also I want to show the world what we can do.

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