EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Ariela Jacob’s New Track ‘Missing You’

New York born and Melbourne bred, indie-pop singer-songwriter Ariela Jacobs was raised on a diet of literature and art.

With vocals veering between the fragile clarity of confession, and the full-bodied howl of a young woman in possession of her own story, Ariela’s music has the power to break your heart, then heal it again.


Missing You is an honest ode to her former self. The compelling narrative draws you in instantly for layers of her ethereal voice wash over you, sweeping you into the undertow of each passing cadence. The achieved sound completely envelops you and transporting you away into a blissful yet, thought-provoking moment.

Speaking to the motivation behind Missing You, Ariela shares:

“Missing You could be perceived as a universal love song of regret and yearning. However, this was written on an impulse of craving past versions of self. Living with anxiety for the past few years, I needed to externalise what I was thinking and feeling.”

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Written by hannahstrong