EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Kevin Pearce’s ‘Plastic Man’ Video

Kevin Pearce is an exciting and intriguing talent who is garnering mass critical acclaim with each song he releases. His latest offering comes in the form of new single ‘Plastic Man’.

The powerful track focuses on issues surrounding Global Warming and and the problems the world is facing due to our seas being filled with toxic waste which is causing irreversible damage to our planet.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Plastic Man’, Kevin Pearce says: “The song came from that whole thing of the world slowly eating itself. If we don’t stop filling the seas and the ground with this dangerous artificial man-made convenience we really will kill the planet”  

Here at CelebMix we are all passionate about the issues touched upon in the song and we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of the official music video. Speaking about the clip, Pearce, says: “The video came about after the song. I was travelling on the tube through the city and as I looked around, I was struck with how everybody looked the same. From the suits and clothes to the expressions on their faces. There was a kind of Fritz Lang dystopia to it all. The song was in my head. I felt so detached from everyone. It got worse when I got off…. They were like ants – all scurrying about. I wanted to do something to cheer them all up. Bring some light or a smile to their faces.” 

You can watch the ‘Plastic Man’ video here:

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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