EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Panicland’s New Single ‘Wasted’

Panicland are back with their brand new single ‘Wasted’. The track was penned by band’s singer/songwriter/producer  Braedon Horbacio who also writes with Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Madonna).

The anthemic single follows previous release ‘Bad Word’ which has already gained over one million plays on music streaming service Spotify. It has also landed on the Billboard charts and was added into rotation at Top 40 Radio.

Panicland are currently gearing up for their upcoming Souvenir album and are setting out to take advantage of this post-genre moment in music. They are heavily inspired by the careers of artists such as Billy Joel and Bruno Mars who wear their love of nostalgia and classics proudly on their sleeve. Instead of hiding their musical influences, Panicland aim to celebrate and embrace them by writing and releasing tracks that jump from style to style as much as their taste in music does-an almost tongue–in-cheek tribute to the acts they love listening to.

Speaking about their latest offering, ‘Wasted’, Panicland’s Braedon say: “Our new single, “Wasted,” was the result of an hour-long midnight session at The Souvenir Shop. I originally wrote the song for somebody, almost as a conversation, and didn’t mean for anyone else to hear it. It was recorded in less than an hour, just holding a cheap mic and trying to get it done as fast as I could so I could send it off to the rest of the band while they were still up. They immediately loved it and although it was re-recorded in a more traditional studio, we decided to release the original demo recorded that night.   Even people who go out to the hippest clubs and love the latest bangers have a side of them that will belt out “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the drive home. That’s the side of a person that we want to connect with on “Wasted.” To me, the greatest songs are also the simplest songs – but writing a simple song is the hardest thing to do. The feeling of being on a roll, writing a great song…it’s such a high. It’s a feeling I chase every day. 

Here at CelebMix we are thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Wasted’:


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