Exclusive Premiere: Ray Goren releases his single “Nightmares”

A singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist, Ray Goren has been showcasing his talent since the age of 9. With songs rooted in the sound of multiple genres including pop, hip-hop, rock and soul, Goren narrate stories from his own life to help build a connection with his listeners. His admiration for art is synonymous with his love for good lyrics, the measurement of which lies in the kind of stories an artist is able to tell,

“I’ll listen to Johnny Cash on Monday, then listen to Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole on Tuesday. I listen to them for the same reason: their lyrics. They’re telling stories. I love that – It’s what I do — It’s me telling my own story.”

The musician is now set to release his new single. Titled “Nightmares”, the song combines fantasy with artist’s personal reflections. It will be officially released on 24th May.  

Playing with the trope of “what if”, the artist builds on an invigorating conversation, emphasising on the possibility of materializing his dream of building a relationship with his love interest. Contrary to the assumption, the appearance of the female subject in the “nightmares” lies in her absence from the protagonist’s reality.

The fantasy, combined with the ironic reality of the situation keeps the listeners hooked with the latter holding on to their wishful thinking of reunion. Talking about the song, Goren said,

“Nightmares” was inspired by a dream I had about a girl I used to be with. We weren’t even close to working it out, but she was in my subconscious a lot. So I dreamed about her. One night I had a dream that I was with her, woke up and wrote down the line “sometimes I see your face in my nightmares, cause I’m scared that we fell back in love.” I fell in love with the irony in that line. I thought to myself it would be super dope if, during my rap Verse, she was talking to me inside my dream. Creatively that took the song many places, and it eventually became what it is today.” 

Mentored by musical legends such as Robbie Krieger, Leon Russell and Eddie Kramer, Goren possesses exceptional Guitar skills, glimpses of which are seen in “Nightmares”. Basing his single on an acoustic foundation, his story gels well with his electric guitar, providing a coherent experience to the listener.

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Written by Ayushi

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