Exclusive Premiere: Spencer Yenson & The Fever release the new single “Hold Me Down”

Blues-Infused Indie Soul artist Spencer Yenson is finally unveiling a new single “Hold Me Down” in an exclusive premiere with CelebMix. 

Beginning his journey in 2017, Yenson is steadily working to create an authentic vibe while staying true to the musical tradition he owes his artistic sensibilities to. The journey seems to be taking a new turn with the artist rebranding his band from Spencer Yenson & the Squatters to Spencer Yenson & the Fever.

The band features Spencer Yenson with members of Grizzly Business (bassist Brian Vilven, drummer Matthew Burke, guitarist Jano Aste-Nieto), as well as Sequoia Steen (vocals, banjo, guitar) and Ben Trent (keys).

With a tinge of melancholy painting pain on the canvas held by Yenson, “Hold Me Down” instantly brings Hotel California to mind. The music itself is both modern and nostalgic utilizing cutting edge production aligned with performances that are reminiscent of other artists like The Animals, Bill Withers, and The Doors while being comparable to modern acts like Hozier and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.

The backing track for “Hold Me Down” hooks the listener while at the same time, making them delve deep into the meaning of this psychedelic single. Manifesting consumption sonically, lyrically, and musically, the song talks about the influence of emotions over the psyche and our deliberate entrapment to our feelings. 

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Written by Ayushi

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