EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Towne – ‘Let Me Let You Go’

With country-pop music on the rise, here at CelebMix we’re always on the lookout for new artists who are making waves across the genre. Our latest discovery is Towne, an exciting duo who are putting their own stamp on the industry.

Towne is made up of Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, two artists who were experiencing very different journeys until their mutual love for songwriting allowed their paths to cross. Fusing together country, pop, folk and alternative sounds, Towne definitely bring something unique to the table.

Hailing from Tennessee by way of Kentucky, Jon’s musical journey saw him play in a punk rock band. He later joined the country band Dixie Whiskey, which is where his love of songwriting became evident. Steevie, on the other hand, loved music from a young age and found passion in musical theatre before joining a band. Coming from Pennsylvania, Steevie realised that in order to fulfil a career in music, she would need to set her sights higher so she packed up and moved to Nashville.

Whilst both Steevie and Jon enjoyed individual success, Towne was born when the two met after getting scholarships to Skip Ewing’s Horse and Writer songwriting camp in Wyoming. The pair clicked immediately and after deciding to write and perform together, the rest, as they say, is history.


After a string of successful tracks, Towne is ready to step up their game with the release of their new single ‘Let Me Let You Go’. While the track isn’t officially released until Friday (February 16), we’re proud to be able to premiere it today.

Armed with a driving pop beat and folk undertones, ‘Let Me Let You Go’ showcases Steevie’s captivating vocals and Jon’s glorious harmonies perfectly. The track is instantly infectious and listeners who have tried to move on from an ex will definitely resonate with the song. ‘Let Me Let You Go’ has all the ingredients of a great hit, and we have high hopes that it will further propel Towne to stardom.

Speaking about the track, Steevie said: “‘Let Me Let You Go’ was so easy to write, I think, because it’s so relatable and I’ve been in this scenario…once or twice! It’s fun to perform and it gives me something to dance to. I love to DANCE!”

Jon added, “The inspiration for the song started with just the hook, “Let Me Let You Go”. It was something that Ryan Peterson, our co-writer/producer, was messing with when we walked into the room that morning. That led to a conversation about ex’s that we’d all had that stayed in contact, “just enough”, to make them hard to move on from. We spent most of the time that day telling relationship horror stories and then, the next thing we knew, the song had fallen out.”

Without further ado, please enjoy the premiere of Towne’s new single ‘Let Me Let You Go’ below.

‘Let Me Let You Go’ is a preview of Towne’s forthcoming EP and if the single is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat. 2018 looks set to be an exciting time for Steevie and Jon and we couldn’t be more thrilled to follow their journey.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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