EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Gabz talks life as an influencer, All Together Now and summer plans

You may remember Gabz from her Britain’s Got Talent success six years ago with the song “Lighters (The One)”.

Now, in 2019, the singer is learning to live life as an influencer, as well as keeping busy with her YouTube channel and more. Gabz talks to CelebMix about her busy life, plans for this summer, her role on All Together Now, HRVY and much more…

Q: Hey Gabz, how’s it going? Thanks for chatting with CelebMix. What are you up to today? 
A: Hi guys! I’m good thank you, thanks for having me, I’ve just been to the studio this morning!

Q: You’ve had a busy 2019 already! What’s it like being a judge on All Together Now? 
A: Yes, it’s so much fun! It genuinely is like having one big family. Everyone is so lovely from the judges to the staff and we have great food haha. It’s also really cool getting to chat to Geri Horner, she’s so so nice.

Q: We love your covers here at CelebMix. Do you have a favourite out of all the ones you’ve shared online? 
A: Thank you! I think one of my favourites has to be the cover of ‘Bad Things’ by Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello I did on YouTube because Camila actually saw it and tweeted me saying she loved my voice! I’m a huge fan of Camila so it was a huge moment for me.

Q: You’re getting to experience exciting things as an influencer too! What is life as an influencer like? 
A: Yeah it’s been crazy! Josh my manager has been great and we’ve been invited to so many events. It’s so fun especially when I get to watch other artists perform and meet new people!

Q: Is influencing something you’ve always been interested in? Or did you have completely different ideas of what you wanted to do when you were younger? 
A: I’ve always wanted to do music ever since I was very young and I think originally I just wanted to focus on my music. Influencing has become a big part of the music industry now though and has opened so many doors as well as being so fun!

Q: It’s been six years since you’ve auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent! Did you watch this season? Any favourite acts? 
A: Yes! I love watching every year and I think X and Chapter 13 were my favourites! Also, I have a soft spot for Flakefleet Primary who just brought so much joy to the stage – I cried watching their audition!

Q: Festival season has only just started and you’ve already headed down to Slam Dunk and We Are Fstvl. What’s the best thing about the festival season for you? 
A: I had actually never been to a festival before this year so it’s all really exciting! I think as I am a big fangirl and love watching live music, my favourite part is getting to watch other performers!

Q: What else have you got lined up for this summer? 
A: I’ve just moved to London last weekend, so hopefully I’ll be doing a lot of recording and writing sessions at the studio. I’m very excited for everyone to hear the new music I’m working on because it’s my fave stuff I’ve written so far! Also, I’m hoping to go to some more events and live shows.

Q: Finally, we saw you headed down to the HRVY show in December. We’ve got a lot of HRVY fans here at CelebMix, what have you made of his rise over the past couple years? 
A: Yes! It was an amazing show and he’s such a talented guy! I actually did quite a few shows with him a few years ago and got to know him, he’s the nicest guy. I’m so proud of him he’s come so far and it was amazing to watch his journey, he definitely deserves all the recognition he’s getting now!

Q: Thanks Gabz, have a great day!
A: Thanks for having me!

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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