Exclusive Q&A: Mauwe talk ‘Ain’t It Magical’, finding their sound and Glastonbury tent-debacles

Playing with swaggering synths built for indie pop fans, Mauwe are the latest electronic duo you need to know. 

Following the release of current single ‘Ain’t It Magical’, a dark play on the fight or flight sensation, the duo chat to CelebMix.

Q: Hey, Mauwe! Thanks for taking the time to chat with CelebMix. What are you up to today?

A: No problem! I moved house yesterday so am currently sat in an empty room surrounded by all my things. Still trying to figure out what should go where.

Q: Let’s start with the new single, ‘Ain’t It Magical’ (which we love!). How’s it been seeing the reaction to that track?

A: It’s always very humbling. With every track. This last EP has been quite different to the first so knowing just one person can relate to our music makes us feel like our job is done. We enjoy making music and putting it out so every positive reaction is a bonus for us.

Q: You’ve found a really confident sound as a duo. Who or what inspires the music you make?

A: Oh well, thank you very much. We’re glad it sounds confident to you. I guess most artists worry about cohesion and consistency with any body of work and how it related to past and future releases. It is always changing for us and I think the key is to just stay true to how you’re feeling and as long as the passion is there and what you’re writing is from the heart, then I guess you’ll always be passionate and believe in it. It’s better than following trends, and we like to mix it up as the influences vary for both of us. I’d say as a whole we both appreciate the poetic and sombre singer-songwriter side like Bon Iver and also bassy production like Skrillex. We’re both inspired by similar things; films, books, art, conversation, MUSIC.

Q: You’ve said that ‘Ain’t It Magical’ is a song for people “who feel they are dancing to a different beat”. If you’re at a party, what are you dancing to? 

A: Whatever’s on I guess! I mean if we’re talking about hijacking sound systems, we’d probably put a bit of Louis The Child on! ‘Blades’ by Farr is a banger we both love.

Q: You’ve had a lot of success on other tracks over the past couple of years, especially ‘That’s All’ which has nearly 6 million streams on Spotify alone! How’s it been watching the success of that track? 

A: That was the first song we released so it was a little bit insane. Safe to say it was a good start for sure.

Q: For new fans, how would you describe the Mauwe sound?

A: Indie electronic pop!

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Q: You’ve got a pretty cool summer ahead, notably with a slot at Glastonbury. How excited are you? 

A: Neither of us have been before so we are unbelievably super excited! I still need to buy a tent. I only have a one-man tent and I’ve heard a one-man tent is not the done thing for Glasto.

Q: Finally, for fans who just can’t get enough, what’s next for Mauwe? 

A: Writing for the next EP! We also have a couple of releases ahead that we’re excited about before the next EP. We’re also developing our live set too so we can’t wait to get out there and start playing more. Glastonbury up next!

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Written by Toby Bryant

CelebMix writer and lover of all things pop music.

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