EXCLUSIVE: Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Talk Debut Album ‘Uncommon Favours’

X Factor favourites Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are gearing up for the release of their debut album titled ‘Uncommon Favours’. The LP will be released Friday, December 6th independently via their own label F.R.O.D Music.

Here they speak exclusively to Celeb Mix all things ‘Uncommon Favours’;
It has been two years since you came second on X Factor, how excited are you to now be releasing your debut LP?
BOLLIE: We are very excited! We just can’t wait for everyone to finally hear the songs we’ve been working on. It is a proud moment for us, especially because we are doing it independently. We’ve put our everything in this LP and hope everyone loves it as much as we do.
Will the record feature all the singles you have released so far?
REGGIE: Yes, all the songs released so far will be on it apart from ‘Link Up’. We recorded a lot of tracks but had to narrow them and some unfortunately did not make the cut.
Can we expect any exciting collaborations on the record? 
BOLLIE: We have a few surprising features. From the King of Kings Beenie Man to Che Chesterman. The Album is so diverse and multifaceted. Very exciting!
What do you hope the fans take from the record?
REGGIE: we hope they take it as an honest and true representation of our talent and style. We touch on many different topics so we hope to inspire them.
 Do you have any touring plans lined up?
BOLLIE: We are planning a tour early/ mid of next year and will hopefully have more details soon.
Which track off the album are you most excited for everyone to hear?
REGGIE: ‘Advise Me’ and ‘Dreams’. They are very honest. Won’t say much more! Lol
Have you spoken to your former X Factor mentor Cheryl about the album?
BOLLIE: Yes we have.. She is ever supportive of all we do. We are so lucky to have her as a friend and support system.
How did you come up with the album title ‘Uncommon Favours’?
REGGIE: We wanted an impactful title to describe our journey. We are very religious and also wanted it to have a true spiritual meaning.  So we looked at our unique journey and the way our lives have changed.
What has been the main inspiration behind the LP?
BOLLIE: the main inspiration has been our journey, the ups and downs, struggles and successes depicted in our own style and always focused on promoting positivity and bringing good vibes.
Do you have any plans to do some album signings?
BOLLIE: We will be releasing physical copies as well, date will be announced soon so hopefully we might do some signings.
How would you describe the albums overall sound?
REGGIE: The Reggie N Bollie sound. A fusion of different genres taking major inspiration from our diverse cultural  background. We don’t want to give away much but the Aalbum has a song for every mood you find yourself into. Not too long left now. December 15th is the date!
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Written by Laura Klonowski

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