EXCLUSIVE: Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Talk Leaving Syco, Launching F.R.O.D, Cheryl Collab and More.

2015 X Factor runner up’s Reggie ‘N’ Bollie earlier this month parted ways with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco, and launched their own label called F.R.O.D Music. The duo also announced that they were filming a music video for their upcoming single.

Here we talk exclusively to the pair about their new label plans, leaving Syco, music plans, and that potential collaboration with former mentor Cheryl.

First off congratulations on setting up your own record label.

Thank you!

So, what made you decide to launch the F.R.O.D label?

We decided to start our own label to help us do music in a way that really favours and represents what we are actually about. Creative control was one of the major reasons.  

What does F.R.O.D stand for?

F.R.O.D stands for ‘Fearlessly Ruling Our Destinies’.

What was your post X Factor experience like? Do you feel that Syco were ever truly invested in you as artists?

Our post X Factor experience has been amazing and very rewarding in all aspects. It helped us kick start our careers in the main stream and we couldn’t be more grateful for such an opportunity. We do believe they were invested in us that’s why they signed us on in the first place. 

Are you still in contact with Simon Cowell?

We still have a good relationship with everyone from our previous label.

Now you are independent can fans expect more of an authentic Reggie ‘N’ Bollie vibe on you music?

Definitely! One of the benefits of being independent is the ability to finally express ourselves. The overall control we now have over our careers and the direction we want to take. 

What has the supporters reaction been like since you launched F.R.O.D?

The reaction since the launch of F.R.O.D Music has been amazing. Many people were not expecting us to take such a bold step. But as they say, “our only limitations are those we set in our minds”. 

Will you be signing any artists to your label in the future?

We will definitely be signing on other artists on our label in the future. We know how it feels like to be talented and not have the exposure to share your talent to the world so we are ready to invest in the future in those who share our same drive and passion. 

Do still plan on releasing an album this year?

We are definitely going to release our album this year. It’s in the final stages now but we will be releasing a song or two before the album is out. It won’t be long and we can’t wait for our fans to hear what we’ve been working on. 

When will you be releasing the first single via F.R.O.D?

We will be releasing a new single by the end of this month which will be the curtain raiser for our new label with a new video which was shot by the award winning director Sesan Ogunro who also shot the ‘New Girl‘ video last year.

Can fans also expect to see you touring this year?

Definitely! We are in talks with our booking agents and promoters to see if we can plan something after the release of our album.

Do you still plan on collaborating with Cheryl soon?

Of course! We still have a collaboration with her in mind.

What are your plans for your music and label over the next few years?

Our aim and plan is to firstly invest in our craft and release chart topping songs. To spread our music across the globe and grow our label to be one of the most successful Independent labels.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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