EXCLUSIVE: Sam Callahan Talks New Single ‘Burns Like Fire’

The last time we spoke to 2013 X Factor star Sam Callahan he was in the middle of a UK tour with 2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry, and was working on new music. Now, as we catch up with the 23-year-old, he is on the verge of releasing his new single ‘Burns Like Fire’.

The eagerly anticipated track will be released on November 24th and will be available to pre-save on Spotify from tomorrow (October 20th).

Here, we speak exclusively to Sam Callahan about all things ‘Burns Like Fire’;

How excited are you about the release of your new single ‘Burns Like Fire’?

Extremely excited of course! I’ve spent the last year and a bit doing things for other people, other people’s tours, collaborations etc etc, but now I am finally getting to show my own music, written and created by myself.  I have a lot to say and my music is the one true way I’ve really chosen to express myself throughout everything I have been through growing up and so far in my career in the music industry. 

Are you hoping to tour as a headline act soon?

Definitely! I am already organising a couple of individual dates before the end of the year. I must add, this is proving difficult with my busy schedule, but I do think it would be the perfect way to kick start and celebrate the release of my new music. The most likely looking venues to get in before 2018 are probably London and/or Glasgow. The actual tour will be next year.   

What can fans expect from the record?

The first record has a wicked vibe about it. The instruments, the beat and the rhythm of the track are really exciting for me, they’re sure to keep you listening as we have paid super close attention to the finer details when creating the single. The lyrics are clever, there’s a few metaphorical meanings in there, but this is just the beginning.  There are lots of tracks that I’m kind of sitting on, that I believe have way more potential even than ‘Burns Like Fire’. In my head this track is mostly to give something back to the fans.  My influences are pretty obvious, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, The Script etc, and there’s a lot more where this came from.  

Can you tell us what inspired the song?

For the most part, the point of the track is that I have grown up finding that girls in my life have always been a major distraction. Often girls that I’m into say they’ll support me, but then they hate what I do and the attention that comes with it, so then the sabotage begins. In the past I’ve often felt I am more productive and focused when I’m single Hense the lyric, “I’m a better me, before you”. I wrote ‘Burns Like Fire’, when I split up with an ex after she’d begun to show her true colours.  

How would you describe the style of the track?

Cutting edge pop, with a sure songwriter-ish vibe. 

Did you work with any co writers and producers on the single?

Yes, my man Jamie Sellers, and RunWildMusic.  Me and Jamie, joke about having a connection like Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. Jamie’s an awesome dude and when we get together we’re usually pretty damn sure that some kind of magic is going to come out of the session. Shout out to the J dog! 

Will you be releasing an official music video for the single?

Yes the music video is awesome, in my opinion the video perfectly conveys the messages in the song, we have other actors, crew and models who all worked really hard on the video part of the project too. It was an oddly overwhelming experience when it all came to an end the day of filming.
However I was flying to LA the next morning, so I got over it pretty sharpish! Haha. 

What do you hope to achieve with your new music?

I just want people to fall in love with it and enjoy it as much as I do. There is no other reason to do the job I do other than because of the insane feeling it gives you and to enjoy the amazing experiences along the way. I have the most incredible fans and I just want to give back to them for being so amazingly patient and supportive and have them enjoy the ride by my side! 

Do you have any plans to release an album soon?

An album is 100% on the cards, but I feel after taking my time and working so hard on the music, I don’t want to just throw it all out there at once. In my opinion that would be a total waste.
I love what I do, why would I not string out the process a little for now!? 

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