EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Darling Discusses Her Love Affair With The UK

Sarah Darling is fast becoming one of the most revered country artists in the UK, her connection with Britain is so strong and unique that she has even been dubbed an honoury Brit. The US sensation is married to British brand consultant James Muriel, but it is her music that has really secured her a place in the hearts of the UK country fans.

Her love affair with the UK is getting stronger with every passing day and this Summer she is basing herself in London to work on her upcoming album which is due for release next year. And she has also been performing across the country at huge festivals such as Barclaycard Presents; BST Hyde Park and most recently the RiverTown Festival in Bristol.

Here we speak exclusively to Sarah Darling to find out more about her love affair with the UK and what else British fans can expect from her in the near future:

What do you think it is about your music in particular that has struck such a chord with British fans?  

That’s a very good question. I feel like ‘Dream Country’ was a very real and honest me album. I believe the British fans connected because it was organic and truthful to me and felt that. 

You perform over here a lot, what’s your favourite thing about performing in front of a British audience? 

There’s an attentiveness for music in the UK that makes me feel so loved and appreciated when I’m on stage.  

How would you describe the difference between a UK and US audience?

The major difference I see in Country music is an overall excitement. Because Country is still growing in the UK there’s a lot of amazing artists coming forward. I’m happy I got to play C2C [Country to Country Festival] 4 years ago! It really started my career here as well as the support of Bob Harris.   

You also write a lot over here, do you feel you get inspired a different way in Britain?

Absolutely! Because Britain has been a big part of my story with my husband and music, I wanted to take some time here to write with British writers for my next album. It feels like the perfect next step in my story. I have been writing music from a completely different perspective. That’s a fun hint on what the album may be like.   


Would you say there are any British artists that have inspired your musical journey?

Ward Thomas, Coldplay, and songwriter Jessica Sharman to name a few! There are so many.

On the whole what is your favourite thing about the UK?

Besides the Cheddar, I love the spirit of the UK. It’s a very vibrant place of history and tradition. I truly enjoy the beauty of each place I’ve got to tour.  

While you’re in the UK are there in British traditions you enjoy?

I drink so much tea now! Also I get on board with the Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

Do you have a favourite British accent? 

Well I really like the Northern feeling accent! I’m still figuring it all out. 

You have said that you hope to tour here again in March, but can we expect any UK shows before that?   

I’m playing a Country Music week show October 26 at Bush Hall with Bob Harris. I’m really planning on getting an album out to build a tour around in early 2019.  

Is there one UK city that you haven’t performed in yet, but would really like to?

I want to go to the Lake District! I wouldn’t be sad about booking a gig somewhere beautiful. Then I could explore after!   

So, would you ever consider re-locating to Britain on a full time basis?

It’s never out of the question! Currently I’ve spent the whole summer here so far! It’s starting to feel more like home. I think I see splitting duel time on Nashville and the UK which feels like the best combination for me.   

Sarah Darling will also be performing at the Cottingham Folk Festival alongside Ward Thomas on Sunday, August 26th. Tickets are on sale now!   

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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