EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Darling Talks New Single ‘Wasted’

Sarah Darling is the US country music sensation who is currently taking the UK by storm. Her honey-sweet vocals and down-to-earth, easy charm make her the ideal poster girl for US country in the UK and her new album is due later this year.

British fans of the songstress will also get to see her live this month as she headlines her first ever tour of Britain visiting a number of cities including London, Manchester, and Bristol as she performs tracks off her hit album ‘Dream Country‘ along with new songs off her upcoming LP. The singer will also be meeting concert goers after the show each night.

And today Sarah Darling has released her stunning new single ‘Wasted’ which was penned by the star ten years ago and deals with the subject of addiction.

Here we speak exclusively to Darling about all things ‘Wasted’;

You wrote ‘Wasted’ ten years ago, how does it feel to now finally be releasing the song into the world?
It feels really healing to me to get this track out into the world! Because It’s so personal, I feel
even more connected to it. Also I truly believe that songs find their way eventually even when the
have been around for almost 10 years!  

The track resonates with a lot of listeners; how much was the feedback a factor in choosing it as your next single?
I feel like the purpose in music is bringing light to others through music. This song shines a light
on such a tough subject of addiction. Last year I started playing this track again, and had fans come
up to me after the show saying how that song was really important to them. This was a big part in
why I wanted to release this, and the kind of story I want to tell in music. I’m just a messenger!  

After writing the song so long ago, what’s it like now performing it live?
It’s taken on a completely new life for me. I didn’t like playing it for a few years, and then I just fell
back in love one day. It’s one of my favourite moments in the set.   

Have you spoken to the people this song is inspired by since its release?
Songwriting can be so brutally honest! The subjects don’t really know it’s about them individually
and I like it that way. It now becomes everyone’s story instead. I feel like everyone knows a person
that struggles with addiction.  

What do you hope fans take from the track?
What I’ve wanted more than anything is for fans to connect with the song and realise that if you
are going through something similar you aren’t alone. Everyone shares a lot of the same types of
pain. I hope it brings a little healing. 

‘Wasted’ is all about watching someone you love suffering from addiction, do you have a personal experience of that?
I’ve been in relationships before with people where I felt invisible because of addictions. Those come in all forms and it isn’t just about alcoholism.  

The single is taken from your upcoming new album; can we expect more emotional songs like this on the LP?
There’s a common theme of really pulling on the heart strings so far. You can expect honesty and
depth with the new music. That’s the only way I know how to be. 

Do you have any plans to release a music video for ‘Wasted’?
I have a special acoustic version that will be coming out! 

What’s your message to anyone who may be struggling with the track’s subject matter at this
moment in time?
My message would be whether you are the one with the addiction or the one being hurt, that you
aren’t alone and there’s somebody who truly loves you. Most addictions are caused by something
deeper, and this song brings a relatable real story. It’s good to know you aren’t alone in the pain. 

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