Exclusive Interview – Jack Walton goes Acoustic!

Jack Walton was X-Factor 2014’s heartthrob. He melted all of our hearts and has the voice of an angel. We treated you to an exclusive interview last month (which you can check out here) and we thought we’d treat you once more with a second interview to celebrate the release of Jack’s acoustic version of his single Runaway.


Hi Jack, congratulations on the release of Runaway Acoustic, do you feel that the acoustic version if the song brings a different light to the song?

Yes certainly! The piano makes it feel moody and a little darker.

Wow! We’re loving it! Where and when can we hear it live?

I’ve recently played gigs at Ritzy Cinema in London and White City Bush my next gig is tomorrow night actually. I’m playing on the rooftop of the Century Club, there’s going to be some amazing artists performing too. It’s going to be great.

You’ve recently released  Runaway, and we’re loving it! When can we get more music from you?

Well, I actually have my next single coming in December, and in January I have a single coming out that no one’s heard yet. It’s all so exciting.

Wow! So what can we see from you in 2019?

I have a full album coming out at some point next year, it’s all completed, it’s a full body of material which I’m so excited to release and share with my fans. I’m also moving permanently to London next year which will be brilliant. I can’t wait to get more and more people to come down to my shows.

Jack, you found fame on the X Factor, how do you think this platform has helped you out?

It helped massively. I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t have had the studio time I have had, the exposure. It gave me such an amazing insight into the industry, I was playing small pub shows before the X Factor.

So last time you spoke with CelebMix, you told us that Louis Tomlinson was a massive help and mentor to you. Have you been able to carry his advice through even now?

Louis and I come from a similar background, so having someone as successful as him give you advice is so motivational. He told me to ‘Always work hard, and never ever stop working hard’. He’s definitely inspirational!

So lastly, convince us to download or stream the acoustic version of Runaway!

Well. . . If you want to get intimate with me, listen to Runaway – Acoustic!


On that note, if you want to get intimate with Jack Walton you can stream the track below.

Make sure you stay up-to-date with Jack Walton on his social media accounts:




Runaway can be streamed downloaded from iTunes now, as well as most other music streaming and downloading services!


Written by NikiSmith

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