EXCLUSIVE: Stella Parton Premiere and Interview

Stella Parton will officially release her independently produced and recorded 40th studio album ‘Survivor’ on March 29th and is currently celebrating fifty years in the music industry.

The legendary performer has included a sensational cover of the late, great Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ on the LP and has shared a video of her explaining why she chose to include the EDM anthem on her latest project.

Here at CelebMix we are thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of that particular video:

Here we also speak exclusively to Stella Parton to discuss the album and track cover further:

‘Survivor’is incredibly your 40th album, how much do you feel the industry has changed since your debut? 

It seems to me that more and more value has been applied to the visual aspect rather than the music. Of course, the advent of the internet has made it much easier to promote our music directly to the fans without record companies or radio programmers being involved. Having spent the majority of my career as an independent artist, I appreciate that particular advancement in our technology a great deal. 

What was it about this particular Avicii track that made you want to cover it? 

I liked the message and the groove of Avicii’s song. The lyrics really resonated with me on a deep personal level. I wanted to do it more acoustically, so that I could perform it live with just a couple of guitars or my autoharp.

What are you hoping fans take away from your version? 

I just hope that my interpretation comes across as honest and authentic. Perhaps there’s someone out there who is feeling their way through the darkness and they’ll hear this song and find some light in the message. 

How would you describe the overall vibe of the new album? 

Survivor is one of the more mellow albums I’ve recorded in my career. It came out of a very clean, clear, introspective place. I think it’s easy listening but thought provoking. I did try hard to weave an overall message of hope throughout the album. Although, depending on the frame of mind the listener is in – it could be a real easy listen or it might make you start crying or it might have you belly laughing! 

What’s the message behind the record? 

The message in these songs are just thoughts, feelings and experiences we all have, and this is my way of sharing my approach to life’s challenges in relationships with those we know and love. Just everyday life. We are all touched in some way by addiction, Alzheimer’s, losing a loved one, we are all trying to find our way and earn our place in the world. Many people allow themselves to be destroyed but there is a survivor in all of us and we have to channel that inner strength and push on through whatever obstacles we’re presented with. 

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