Exclusive Streaming of JoLivi’s ‘Games’ EP First at CelebMix

If you didn’t know the name JoLivi before, you’ve definitely heard not only her name, but her incredible songs and likely fallen as in love with them as we have.  The Hawaiian beauty moved to LA to not only find herself, but discover her dreams and chase them; and she’s doing exactly that as she showcases her beautiful voice and talented songwriting with each new tune she comes out with. Her latest release, ‘Chains’ came out as the predecessor of her hit ‘Games’ and both songs are incredible.

JoLivi writes from experience and while some of her first songs are about heartbreak and overcoming it, she’s got a bright spirit and with the world seemingly at her feet, there’s no end to what she’s capable of and what sort of joy will grace her path next.

We partnered with JoLivi for a giveaway that not only included an incredible pair of Jam Transit wireless headphones and Hawaiian tropical fruit bars to reflect part of her tropical taste but her amazing remix EP that’s sure to be a go to on your iTunes playlist!  The EP features 5 remixes of her hit song ‘Games’ and each one of them brings a unique and catchy vibe.

The winner of our Twitter giveaway is @misssnothingface!

The track list is as follows and you can find the EP here for your exclusive first listen with us!

1. Games (MyKill Remix)
2. Games (Phynx Remix)
3. Games (Stash Konig Remix)
4. Games (DJ Redwood Löwe Trap Remix)
5. Games (DJ Redwood Löwe Radio Remix)

To find out more about JoLivi, keep up with her new work in the future, and hear more of her songs now check her out on Twitter and YouTube.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.