Exclusive: The Germein Sisters talk festivals and touring with Little Mix

It’s not often you come across a band like the Germein Sisters. They are family band, three sisters Georgia, Ella and Clara. From Australia. They all play instruments, Georgia guitar/piano, Ella, bass/Cello and Clara, Percussion/drums.

In May 2019 they released one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard in a long time Little Part of Me. Don’t believe us? Have a listen below:

Little Part of Me is something we could see the likes of Sony’s Arista Records taking and making it a huge hit much like the label has done for Stephen Puth. Yet despite touring with Little Mix and doing numerous gigs, the band remained unsigned which is a travesty as they are one of the hardest working bands in the music industry today!

“We’ve all been learning since we were little, I started about 4 years old and moved into learning piano and guitar in my teens,” Georgia tells us when we have a chat to them, hours before they take the stage at The London’s Ned hotel for an acoustic set.  The set is a warm-up for the gig they will go on to play the following weekend at The Isle of Wight festival on the Hard Rock stage, a festival they have played at since 2016. The promoter of the IoW  John Giddings is a huge fan of the band so keeps inviting them back to play.

“I always struggle at festivals because I always want to take my entire wardrobe, you have some great thrift shops here in the UK and I’ve collected some great pieces over the years. I like anything sparkly. This year I kind have a 70’s theme going on, I have some cool shades and some of my Mums old 70’s outfits from an old suitcase, that I’ve brought along so I’m excited to be rocking them.” Ella says. It’s a hat for Georgia, and Clara will just borrow something of Ella’s.

Having done a stadium tour with Little Mix, the band are no stranger to the versatile and often unpredictible UK weather.

“We did some really cool stadiums with Little Mix, which was incredible, it was amazing to play such big venues.”

They are doing lots of gigs across the UK in the next few months:

26 Jun

The Caves // Edinburgh UK

28 Jun

 The Sound Archive // Kirkwall UK

30 Jun

Ironworks // Inverness UK

20 Jul

L Fest // Llandudno UK

27 Jul
Procaffeinate // Leamington Spa UK (Acoustic)


01 Aug

The Waterfront // Norwich UK

06 Aug


Ivory Blacks // Glasgow UK


07 Aug

 Lending Room // Leeds UK

08 Aug

Star & Garter // Manchester UK


09 Aug

 Scruffy Murphy’s // Birmingham UK

10 Aug

Suburbia // Southhampton UK

11 Aug

Green Meadows Festival // Peterborough UK

14 Aug

Latest Music Bar // Brighton UK


15 Aug

 Bunkhouse // Swansea UK


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Written by Kelly McFarland

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