Tungevaag & Raaban
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EXCLUSIVE: Tungevaag & Raaban Reveal The Men Behind The Masks

These Grammy-nominated DJs are currently mixing up the dance world one banger at a time. Consisting of Norwegian DJ Martin Tungevaag (most known for his smash hit “Wicked Wonderland”) and Swedish DJ Raaban (born Robbin Soderlund), Tungevaag & Raaban so far have had quite the career. With 400 million streams, a couple certifications and some massive tours on their backs, the duo can look back on some very successful years. Obviously, the sky is only the limit for them.

This is why, only couple of weeks ago, they returned with their latest track “Hey Baby“, an infectious dance track that is sure to get you in a good mood.

Tungevaag & Raaban now have exclusively sat down with CelebMix to talk about their latest track, their inspiration behind their ever-changing sound as well as their latest accessory: the TR mask. Find out all about it in the interview down below:

Congrats on the new single “Hey Baby”. How does it feel to have it released?

Thanks! It feels very good. We are very happy with the song and the music video we shot in Hong Kong. It´s always a cool feeling to release the stuff you’ve been working on for a long time.

View the video here.

The video plays in Hong Kong. How did you come up with the idea to the video?

We actually had a whole different story for the music video, but we had to change just days before we left from home. So when we arrived in Hong Kong we got the new treatment and everything had to be re-arranged, so the video team did a really great job making this video and we really enjoyed recording it!

“Hey Baby” is – musically- a bit different to the rest of yours songs. What made you decide to venture into a bit of a different sound?

Sound-wise it’s not that much different from “All for Love” but it’s more to the EDM world but still mixed with pop. We like those kind of songs very much! 

You have experimented with a lot of styles in the past: you went from Electro House to Future House to EDM. Where would you like your sound to go and which ones would you like to experiment with?

We just try to come up with something simple that we like and a sound that we are happy with. For us, it´s all about the music, we´ll keep doing different type of songs. As long as we feel it´s right for us. That’s the most important thing.

You seem to be on a roll these days: “Hey Baby” is – following “Bad Boy”- the second release in a short time span. What can we expect next?

Next single will be about early next year. You can also expect a cool EDM release too and some releases with other DJs and bigger names.  We have a lot in the making.

“All For Love” just went Gold in Finland and it also hit 50 million streams on Spotify, “Samsara” has already accumulated over 100 million streams. So: what are your goals for the future? What would you like to accomplish still?

We’re taking one step at the time and try to be in the moment. To many peoples forgot to live today. 400 million streams total on our songs is crazy. And we want to thank every single one of you for listening and supporting our songs and us as artists. 

For your latest songs you started applying the “TR mask”, as you like to call it on your social medias. Tell us a bit about the origin of it and why you chose to apply it.

Together with a designer we came up with these masks and thought it would be cool to use it at our shows: to add some extra attention and excitement. We did not use it to hide our faces, but more to use our creativity even more and build a concept around it. We´ll work more with the visual side of things going forward.

Tungevaag & Raaban
Picture credit: Tungevaag & Raaban

Colleagues such as Alan Walker and Marshmello also use masks to protect their identities. In what way does it help you create music and perform on stage?

With masks there are so many opportunities. You also got a clear identity and image and we´ll definitely add more elements to it and will expand our live show a lot too. We want to create something memorable and mind-blowing.  

Most artists would only do one thing: either show their faces or hide them for anonymity’s sake. Why did you do both?

Actually we started both as bedroom producers and not as artists showing our faces. But after our songs got popular we started touring and doing interviews, then we came to the spotlight with our faces . Now it’s not about hiding our faces again, but putting our creativity into more than just our songs. 

Similar to Galantis, you guys also pursue other production and DJ options. How is working together any different to releasing songs under your own name?

Working together is like putting two brains together. Double the ideas and effectiveness. We work very well together and become this creative force together. 

2018 is coming to an end: what has been your highlight?

The whole year. So hard to choose. Touring the whole summer must be on the top memories from this year. So many great shows, met so many cool people, traveled the world, we´re living our dreams.

If you could give our readers one bit of advice, what would it be?

Always write contracts, have clear deals, do what YOU want to do and do not use time on haters. 

Thank you guys so much for the interview.

Thank you so much, see you on the road.

Tungevaag & Raaban’s latest hit single “Hey Baby”, released via Warner Music, is available on all digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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