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EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Shaw Opens Up About New Single

Platinum-selling, artist, producer and actor, Tyler Shaw, returns with a recently released single “Remember” and its accompanying music video. This track is the first single off of Tyler’s upcoming third studio album which is set for release in the spring of 2021. Listeners have praised and may recognize Shaw for collaborating with artists such as Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne to cover “Lean On Me” as a COVID-relief project. All of the proceeds from the classic track’s cover went directly to the Canadian Red Cross.

Currently, Tyler Shaw is gearing up to release more new music and prepare for the release of his upcoming album. His passion for music continues to capture the attention of countless listeners. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, the “Remember” singer opens up about new music, collaborations and more.

What can you tell us about your new track “Remember” (including the new remix) and the inspiration behind it?

“Remember” was written by myself, Frank Walker and Nick Henriques. The vibe was set by the guitar riff I created which you hear in the intro, which I brought as an idea into the session. We built the song around that. Immediately, everyone in the studio fed off one another’s energy and we decided to write about focusing on the best moments in your life to help get you through the tough times. It was written pre-COVID but I think it really resonates, lyrically, with where we’re all at.

How was it to make the music video for that single? Did you have any say in its creative concept? How about for this new remix video?

The music video was a blast to film, given the circumstances and restrictions. We wanted to create a strong performance video with energetic lights and a fun atmosphere. My team had brought the concept to me and I was hooked on the simplicity and energy of it. Both the original and remix video were shot in the same day on the same location! We mixed a gritty, abandoned warehouse with a bright light show to personify the lyrics of the song and finding your way out of dark times in order to celebrate the good times life has to offer.

Why did you decide to release this particular song towards the end of the summer?

As summer comes to an end, I wanted to keep the energy and spirits high for everyone moving into the fall season. It’s easy to regress into sad feelings as the weather changes, however our minds should be able to keep a positive mind frame. I’m hoping this song helps with that feeling. Summer looked and felt a bit different this year and so whatever that looked or felt like for everyone, I wanted to top it off with this new single. 

If you could feature another artist on an additional remix of “Remember,” who would it be and why?

I think Dua Lipa would absolutely crush it. Her tone and dance melody sensibility would fit well with the song and my voice. I would love to hear what that would sound like and I can already imagine the visuals. 

Your COVID-19 relief single “Lean on Me” included some amazing artists including Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne! What was it like to collaborate with those artists for such a great cause?

It was an amazing feeling having so many legendary artists come together for one cause; COVID relief. I truly enjoyed the experience of putting the cover together and am super grateful for. We pulled it off in under 3 weeks, between artist outreach, recording vocals, mixing the song and capturing a music video for a national Canadian broadcast premiere. The challenge was different time zones, and not every artist was conveniently isolating during the thick of COVID in a studio setting. We pulled off nothing short of a miracle. Ultimately, I’m proud to have orchestrated it and been a part of a historic music moment and grateful to all of the artists who contributed.

Do you have any other dream collaborations?

I’ve always been a big fan of Justin Timberlake, so getting in the studio with him and Timbaland would be a dream come true. I love Justin’s writing and melodies and his music reflects different chapters of my own life. He would be one of my top picks for a pop collaboration. For something more singer-songwriter, it would be John Mayer. I would also love to collaborate musically with some Canadian females like Alessia Cara, Lennon Stella or Jessie Reyez. [There is] incredible talent here in Canada and I hope to make some of these ideas a reality for my forthcoming project. 

For new fans who just discovered your music, what do you want them to know about you?

One thing I really pride myself on when it comes to my music is that I am a writer, a producer and a composer. I am very hands on with my craft, so every nuance of my music is a reflection of me. I would consider my music honest and vulnerable and I think that’s why it really connects with my audience.

What can listeners look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the near or distant future?

I’ve got new music coming very soon, as soon as Christmas perhaps. My new album is coming in 2021 and I’ve been working very hard towards finishing that project up. This is some of my best work yet and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most incredible songwriters, producers, mixers, etc. for this album. Stay tuned for more updates on my socials!

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Written by Alessandra

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