Exclusive Video Premiere: BLAYK and Jenna Holiday Release "Heavy" (Linkin Park Cover)

Exclusive Video Premiere: BLAYK and Jenna Holiday Release “Heavy” (Linkin Park Cover)

Sometimes when talented artists come together, magic happens. Up-and-coming pop/alternative artists BLAYK and Jenna Holiday are a perfect example of this. Their cover of Linkin Park’s “Heavy” will send chills up your spine. Their voices blend so well, it’s almost as if it’s fate.

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, BLAYK is a 21-year-old independent pop artist that’s hard at work honing his style. After getting his start as a hip-hop producer, he started collaborating with writers and producers in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, and has been featured on many songs by other artists. Now, he’s excited to create new material of his own.

Jenna Holiday is just 16 years old, but the Boston native is already on her way towards super-stardom. Last year Jenna went viral with the release of her song “21”, which was about a character heavily inspired by Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and YouTube star Troye Sivan.

The New England-based duo met via Boston-based Artist Development giant Red 13 Studios, which is partnered with everyone from MTV to Universal Music Group. Headed by the Top-10 Billboard charting production duo, OH NO! ØKTAPUS, the company’s goal is to transform the Boston music scene by bringing together the best local & regional talent. BLAYK and Jenna’s stunning performance in this video of the Linkin Park Top 40 smash, “Heavy”, represents the start of this movement.

BLAYK and Jenna have taken the original song and slowed it down, making it a piano-driven ballad. The video is perfectly understated, allowing the emotions of the song to shine. BLAYK and Jenna stand at keyboards facing each other; as they alternate vocal parts, we’re able to see their impassioned expressions through every moment of the song.

According to Shaun of OH NO! ØKTAPUS and founding partner at Red 13 Studios, “Jenna and BLAYK are both amazing artists, and we knew they would really highlight and compliment each other if they collaborated.”

He continued saying, “In this phase of their development, we really wanted to choose a project that not only showcased their talent, but tapped into each of their alternative directions of the more raw and gritty side of pop. We feel this rendition of “Heavy” accomplished this on so many levels, and they blended so perfectly together.”

Check out the video for “Heavy” below:

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