Exclusive Video Premiere: EMELINE - "Angel"

Exclusive Video Premiere: EMELINE – “Angel”

Check out the new video for “Angel,” premiering exclusively right here on CelebMix!

Nowadays it’s all about social media. While some people use social media to display their life, some use it to share their story, taking advantage of that spotlight to a fuller extent.

EMELINE is a singer/songwriter, actress, multi-instrumentalist, model, activist, and entrepreneur from Providence, Rhode Island who takes advantage of that spotlight, using her social media accounts to share her story to over 50k fans and counting. Being close to her fan base, EMELINE knows exactly what captivates them, one being her music.


In her newest video for “Angel,” EMELINE is remembering a late night pool party with her friends, feeling isolated. With lyrics like, “Do you even really care for me at all? / I don’t think anybody does / Do you even really respect me?,” we can’t help but notice how strong she is despite being in a peer pressuring environment. Within the track, EMELINE shares her pride to show that she’s still confident no matter what life throws at her. Using her music, she’s sending a positive message to her fans, which is just one of the many things we love about her.

But she didn’t just become successful over night. Since the second grade, EMELINE has been writing songs, singing, and playing multiple instruments. She even began acting professionally in theater and screen. Starting at a young age, EMELINE has been working on the superstar she has become today.

With a full length EP on the way, “Angel” is just a taste of what’s to come from this pop icon. After listening to this chill vibed pop track backed up by EMELINE’s remarkable vocals, you’ll be tempted to hear more.

You can download “Angel” on iTunes, Google Play, TIDAL, or stream it on Spotify.

Check out the video for “Angel” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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