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EXCLUSIVE: Violett Beane Talks New Show ‘God Friended Me’

God Friended Me, the newest show on the CBS, has a concept unlike any other. The show follows an outspoken atheist named Miles Finer who receives a friend request from God, which leads him to form connections with unlikely people, one being Cara Bloom, an online journalist. The two investigate the “God Account” and end up inadvertently helping people along the way.

Premiering with an audience of 10.5 million viewers, God Friended Me is one of the most-watched series premieres this fall. It has been described as a “feel-good” series since it focuses on human connections, whether it be with strangers or those closest to you.

Violett Beane, who plays Cara Bloom, talks to CelebMix about her character, the show’s message, and her past work as “Jesse Quick” on ‘The Flash’.

What is ‘God Friended Me’ about? 

God Friended Me is about an atheist named Miles Finer who gets friended on Facebook by someone calling themselves “God”. After he accepts the request, he gets sent these friend suggestions for people who are unknowingly in need of help somehow.

In this show, you play a character named Cara Bloom. Can you tell us about her?

Cara is a journalist, who is one friend suggestions in the pilot. Cara’s whole life has been about finding her mom but once she has, she doesn’t know what to say to her or how to take the next step. That’s when Miles and the god account enter and through that, she’s able to reconnect with her mom and start to develop a relationship. After that, Cara decides to continue to help Miles with the god account.

The premiere attracted 10.5 million viewers and is the number one scripted series on Sunday’s. How does that feel?

I feel grateful! The fans have been so amazing and supportive of the show.  

I saw the trailer and it really blew me away. It is such an original concept. I want to know, what attracted you to this project?

I was auditioning for a bunch of shows during pilot season and this was the one script that stuck with me because it’s an uplifting show about the human connection and humans being there for each other. And in the world we live in right now, we could use that reminder!

What do you hope viewers take away from the show?

I hope that when an episode ends, viewers can kind of walk away with a good feeling. I think more than anything, the show wants to open a dialogue between people. All of the main characters on the show and the guest stars have different backgrounds. All of our characters have different religious views on the world or none at all, and I think that’s kind of enabled us to open up an unbiased conversation and to get the viewers talking about it as well.

Finally, you’ve worked with producer Greg Berlanti on ‘The Flash’ before ‘God Friended Me’. Any chance you will pop over to the Arrowverse as ‘Jesse Quick’?

It is certainly possible! I loved playing Jesse and it would be fun to make an appearance.

‘God Friended Me’ airs Sundays on CBS. You can watch the trailer below.

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