Exclusive: viral star Sky Katz chats about America’s Got Talent and “Raven’s Home”

Auditioning for America’s Got Talent is a feat within itself. Making it through several intense rounds, though—that takes nerves of steel and not to mention, a whole lot of talent.

Viral teen sensation Sky Katz knows the feeling. The then 11-year-old first auditioned on the hit talent search show in 2015, blowing the judges away with an original rap titled Fresh. Her audition immediately grabbed international attention with her cheeky “I’m fresh, like a bowl of salad.”

Sky has since gone on to Youtube success, with about 30,000 subscribers to her name. Amassing popularity by the second, the star then pursued a cast role in the popular show Raven’s Home, a spinoff of the original That’s So Raven.

We had a chat with Sky about her career and inspirations.

CelebMix: Hi, Sky! How are you? How have the last few years been for you?

Sky Katz: The last few years have been absolutely crazy!! Things I only dreamed of as a little kid, are all coming true. I know I am extremely blessed!

CM: We loved your AGT audition! Give us a rundown of how that initial audition went.

SK: My dad was driving to work and his cell phone rang. He picked it up and on the other end was a guy who said he was a producer on America’s Got Talent. My dad automatically thought it was one of his friends trying to prank him so he was like ‘yea, yea ok sure it is a producer from America’s Got Talent’ … after a few minutes he realized it actually WAS a producer! He didn’t know that I sent an audition tape to the show without anyone knowing. After that, I was called in to audition at Queens College. When I made it though that round, they flew me out to LA for the show with the celebrity judges. I made it through two rounds before I was sent home. It was an incredible experience!

CM: Congratulations on landing a role on the spinoff sitcom Raven’s Home! When did you first learn that you were cast? What was your reaction?

SK: Thank you! I was in Austin, Texas getting ready to perform at SXSW and my dad came into the room along with our videographer. I suspected something was up but wasn’t sure what it could be. Then he handed me his phone saying my agent Leslie wanted to talk to me. My brain started spinning and I reacted by screaming and jumping like a maniac.

CM: What is your favorite part about being on set with such an amazing cast and crew?

SK: My favorite part is that everyone is so different. I learn so much from them because they all have their own strengths and things about them that I love.

CM: What is the cast like behind the scenes?

SK: Behind the scenes is very similar to what you see on the show!! Us kids are always hanging out, joking around, and Raven and Anneliese are there to advise us and make us laugh.

CM: What is your favorite line from the show and why?

SK: My favorite line was when Booker asked me if I’ve seen him dunk (basketballs) and I responded ‘yea, donuts!’ Makes me laugh every time.

CM: What inspires you creatively and personally?

SK: I’m always inspired by things around me and by music I’ve listened to recently.

CM: What do you think the future will hold for you?

SK: I’m hoping the future holds many more seasons of Raven’s Home and a music career where I’ll release albums, go on tour and put out really great songs.


You can find Sky’s Youtube channel here.

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Written by Uyen