EXCLUSIVE: Ward Thomas Talk New Album ‘Restless Minds’ and Upcoming UK Tour

Today, British Country crossover superstars Ward Thomas consisting of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy, return with their sensational third studio album ‘Restless Minds’. The LP is filled with inspirational, and timely tracks that elevate the duo to whole new levels of excellence. We reviewed the record last week and gave it a 5 star rating.

Here we chat exclusively to Catherine and Lizzy to discuss their new LP, themes behind the powerful songs, and upcoming UK tour. Tickets for which are on sale now:

Restless Minds’ is out now, after pushing the album back a few times how excited are you to now have the record out in the world?

We’re so excited! It’s been a long time coming and to be able to finally  share the whole album with everyone is both exciting and nerve racking 

The album focuses on many issues such as mental health, and social media, what would you say has been the most challenging and rewarding part of creating the LP?

Both those topics have been challenging in their own way. This is probably the most honest piece of work we’ve done and that has been an emotional journey on its own. [we] think the most challenging part to creating this LP was making sure it lived up to the expectation we automatically had on us from the success of the Cartwheels. 
We wanted to take the time on this album as we really wanted to show a progression and growth from our last album and to let people in to who we are now both with the journey the album takes you on and musically. 

You shared a few tracks off the LP before its release, has there been any surprise responses to songs?

 We’re so happy with the response we’ve had so far. We hope the released songs give a good example of what the whole album consists of. A real mixture sonically and lyrically. We were anxious of the response to some of our more pop songs we’ve put out there but so far we’ve had a great response. 

You recently shared the powerful ‘No Filter’ music video, what was it like to film the clip?

We really wanted this video to be extra special as this song means so much to us. It was a really great experience for us to film this video as it was the first time we had actors representing specific character examples to represent what part of the song is about.  

It is definitely your most sophisticated and empowering music video, how has the fans’ response to the clip made you feel?

Quite emotional actually. We’ve had people tweet us and Instagram us telling us how the video has really helped them through tough times! That to us makes us feel so great just to know that a simple video we have created with the director and the team has helped people in some way. 

With the LP you’ve also tied in the Restless Voices YouTube videos and No Filter Friday on Instagram, how important do you feel it is to encourage people to be open about their struggles?

[We] think the main thing we want to encourage is awareness to the effects of social media and to let people know they're not alone when it comes to feeling anxious or insecure when looking at other people's lives online. We all filter ourselves online and most of the time it’s not reality. We want to promote more honesty and positivity online and encourage a balance with our relationship with the internet to our actual real life relationships. The Restless Voices series for us is a fun and great way to let people into our conversations with others while writing the songs and with people we’ve been meeting along the way. 

Along with releasing ‘Restless Minds’ and working on your YouTube series, you will also be touring this Feb, March and April, how excited are you to get back out on the road?

We can’t wait! It’s about time. We’ve been working on the show and the set list and can’t wait to perform Restless Minds live! We hope the show will translate with how we’ve changed and developed from the last tour. 

You’re performing at larger venues this time around so will you be looking to add more lighting and stage production?

Yes we will. We’ve played around a little more with the set up on stage and we can’t wait to show everyone. We always like to keep lighting quite simple but Jake Vernon our lighting guy is great at expressing all the different moods of the songs throughout the set. 

Recently you have been performing some live sets without your guitars, can we expect the guitars to return for the Restless Minds tour?

Definitely :). And a bit of piano as well.

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