Exclusive: We chat to Bailey McConnell

Teen pop sensation Bailey McConnell has spoken to CelebMix about his upcoming tour.

The singer, who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, is about to head off as a support act on Jake Quickenden’s “New Chapter” UK tour. Bailey will be on the road in September and October.

We caught up with Bailey for a quick chat about his new music, social media and his amazing fans. Check it out!

Hey, Bailey! So, you’re off on tour with Jake soon. Are you looking forward to it?

Hey guys! I cannot wait… Put Bailey and Jake on Tour and you’ll be sure for some funny memories right there!!

Tell us about your musical style. Who influences and whom do you want to be like?

I wouldn’t say I wanted to be like anyone in specific as I want to be original, but my influences are amongst people from Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran to Zayn Malik, Bieber and The Weeknd. I just love the vibe of their music and the songs they are writing lately.

So you originally appeared on BGT. How have things changed since then?

To be honest, it hasn’t got any easier handling the recognition from the platform that the show has given me! I’m still overwhelmed by it all.

But the main thing I constantly think about is the fact I can make music to please others, whether it is to help them through something or even to just entertain them because they enjoy my music, even so much to relate to a song that I’ve written is such a blessing!

It’s such a buzz the feeling you get from that and I couldn’t thank my fans for continuously supporting me on my journey! I love them so much.

Would you say Instagram and Twitter have played a big role in your career so far?

Massively! I think social media definitely plays a huge part and I think it’s kinda revolutionised the industry in a sense that promotion is a lot easier, but at the same time hard because everyone else is doing it! You just gotta want it and fight for it more than that other person does!

It’s a way to be able to let them know where you’re going and what you’re doing in a more personal way, too.

Your fan base has been pretty awesome. What’s it like to grow an audience like that?

I couldn’t agree with you more.

It all comes down to respect. I have a saying that I live by and I want it tattooed when I finally turn 18, it’s three words: Trust, Love, Respect. I think in order to love something you have to those three things. Giving respect earns trust and love is a product of those both together. That is what I live by.

I couldn’t thank my fans more for how they’ve supported me over the last few years. I am truly thankful for all their support through everything. Again, love you guys!

On the tour, you’re doing meet and greets, too. Are you excited to see your fans IRL?

I genuinely cannot wait to see everyone. Each and every fan of mine I am so grateful for. They are each blessings individually. I wouldn’t be here without them. Don’t kick people on the way up because they’ll kick you twice as hard on your way down. In other words, I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!

You’ve posted a few topless selfies lately. What’s the secret to getting a bod like that?

Hahahahaha. I knew this would be a question! A high metabolism I guess? And a bit of jogging and gym every so often.


What are your plans musically? Are you working on any original music?

I’m writing constantly to hone my sound and be 100% sure on what I want that sound to be.

I feel like I’m getting closer and closer through every song I write which is pleasing for me because I can feel myself finding me as an artist. I just love it!

What’s your favourite thing about touring?


Do you have any touring survival tips?

‘TRY’ and get as much sleep as possible hahaha.

Who’s on your playlist right now?

Rihanna, Bieber, Zayn, Drake, Ben Howard and Sheeran, that’s my playlist right now.

Finally, what can fans expect from you in the future?

Another tour maybe, some new merchandise and of course, some original music!

Bailey McConnell is supporting Jake Quickenden on his “New Chapter” tour. Tickets are on sale now.

Written by Jack