Exclusive with Stuck in the Middle’s Kayla Maisonet

Disney Channel’s newest series is STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. The show focuses on a family of SEVEN and we got to chat with one of the stars Kayla Maisonet, who plays Georgie Diaz.

Hi Kayla, how are you today?
Good! How are you!!

We’re doing great. So you are living so many people’s dreams (ours included) of being a Disney Channel star. Was this a big dream of yours growing up?
Growing up all I watched was Disney channel, and theres even an old video of me pretending to do a wand ID! So yes, it was a dream of mine.

Your show “Stuck in the Middle”, focuses on a big family. What’s it like balancing your family life and career?
Balancing family life and my career has been challenging at times because of my hectic work schedule…But, I’m very lucky to have such a supportive family that understands my day to day schedule, and wants the best for me. So it ‘s been great!

The character you play, Georgie, is a basketball player and a rather big tomboy. Do you relate to her?
Georgie and I have a lot of differences, and a lot of similarities, and I think the one thing I love about her is her energy, and I think I’m super energetic just like she is, so I relate to her with that.

You have also played, Lindsay, a recurring role on the series “Dog with a Blog”. How are Lindsay and Georgie different?
Lindsay and Georgie are different with the way the dress, Georgie looks like she’s always going some sort of workout class (Which i LOVE, my kinda style!) Lindsay wears dresses, and hats..Personality wise, Georgie and Lindsay are similar because I think they both look on the bright side, BUT, they’re also very different because Georgie has a huge family, and has such a funny , crazy life, and we never saw if Lindsay had any siblings, and never met her family.

Having already been apart of two Disney Channel series, is there any show you wish you could have had a role in?
I think I would have totally enjoyed being in Wizards, Hannah Montana, Thats so Raven, OR Sonny With A Chance… I was OBSESSED with those shows, any of them I would have freaked out to be in!!

What has been the biggest perk so far of being part of the Disney family?
The biggest perk of being in the Disney Family is…Being in the Disney Family!! Being a part of this amazing channel, and knowing all of the major TV shows that have been on the channel, and knowing as a little girl that I looked up to the actors and actresses that have been on Disney, and now being on a show…It still blows my mind.

You also are a dancer, and appeared off-Broadway. Did that help you for where you are now?
I think growing up basically living in a dance studio helped me learn to perform and set me up for doing plays and off broadway shows, but now for other things like movies, and TV. Having that experience in dance taught me to be creative and to use my face to act (Which helps a lot) and to project when I talk. Dance was my first love, and very helpful looking back.

What can we expect in the future from you?
In the future you can expect more fun projects, and of course… More Stuck In The Middle!

Thank you so much Kayla! We will surely be watching you on “Stuck in the Middle” on Disney Channel.
Thank you very much!

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Written by CelebMix