Exclusive with Suicide Squad’s Corina Calderon

It’s pretty safe to say that Suicide Squad is currently the most talked about movie in the entire universe. We got to chat one on one with Corina Calderon on her role in the film.

We know everything is super secret, but what can you tell us about your character Grace in Suicide Squad? Are you playing Grace Choi, Karin Grace, or a completely new Grace?
My character Grace is someone who i believe, really humanizes or brings a humanistic quality to the film and story which is one of the reasons why I’m so proud of my role and makes it really special to me.

You are said to be the first Latina actress in a superhero movie. WooHoo! Paving the way for diversity! How does that feel?
No, definitely not the first but thank you! Zoe Saldana who is Latina was in Guardians of the Galaxy and Rosario Dawson who is Puerto Rican is in Daredevil to name a couple so i wouldn’t say FIRST latina in a Superhero movie but i am one of the few and that i am SO proud of! as far as Suicide Squad, yes i did (hoping they kept all my scenes) bring the Latin spice! I thank David Ayer for that he gave me the freedom to improvise in one scene in particular.

Were you ever star stuck in set? It’s like everywhere you turn there is another A-list name in the film!
No, not star struck–well kinda!!! meeting Will Smith and shaking his hand, i thought to myself, “omg!!! thats the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!! Ahhh!!!

Exclusive with Suicide Squad's Corina Calderon 2

The media claimed reshoots of the film were done to add a bit more light humor. Did you have to partake in any reshoots?
No, I didn’t.

Did you have a favorite superhero growing up?
Wonder Woman!

You’ll also be a part of Khali the Killer later this year along Richard Cabral. Tell us about that.
Yes, i met Richard Cabral on set of End of Watch along with David Ayer actually. We have always kept in touch and became good friends. Khali the Killer is something that has been in the works for a few years now it started as a web series based of Richards life but then became a full length feature. I play Cori, khalis love interest. We had a ton of freedom as far as really playing with the scenes and dialogue to make it our own as artists, Jon Matthews the director was amazing.

Not to mention how great you were in TNT’s Murder in the First! But we sense a reoccurring theme here, suicide, killer, murder: death! Are you particularly attracted to darker films/roles?
Thank you and yes i am. I feel I can really relate to them with my own life and past.

Exclusive with Suicide Squad's Corina Calderon 1

Lastly, what would be your dream role?
Hmmm, I love playing the Bad Ass. Playing Luz Garcia in All She Can was actually one of my dream roles. I really love the roles with lots of physicality so definitely another role where i’d play an athlete or a villain with lots of superpowers in a superhero movie.

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Written by CelebMix