EXO become quadruple million seller with “The War”

EXO have achieved a major feat this week. Within 24 days of the release of their album “The War”, they have managed to sell one million copies. The news was first announced on SM Town Global’s Twitter channel:

Out of all the EXO albums that have been released till now, “The War” has become the first album to reach the sales of one million copies in such a short span of time.

Fans did it all!

The group made a point to pay gratitude to their fans and said:

It hasn’t even been a month since our album came out, and the fact that the album sold over a million copies is unbelievable. We feel that we must work harder to match the love we have received. These results are all because of the fans. With a grateful heart, we will continue to create good music and performances.

“The War” has got a lot of positive reviews from the music listeners. Singles like “Ko Ko Bop” and “The Eve” have garnered huge attention. Fans have been coming up new challenges and projects to help the group maintain the top position.

Recently, fans started Ko Ko Bop Challenge where they were seen dancing at random moments on single’s beat drop. The challenge became viral and was later mentioned by SM Town as well.

What’s Next?

Post release, the album soared various music charts and has even topped Billboard World Album Music Chart. It’s no surprise then, that the album has been able to surpass the number so quickly.

But promotional period for the album is over and members have begun their tour diaries for the album. The first stop is New York and they seem to enjoy it. It remains to be seen how well their tour turns out to be.

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