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“Faded” Vocalist Iselin Features On Brand New Felix Cartal Track

Canadian DJ Felix Cartal is back with a brand new release this week. After being busy remixing works by greats like Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Zedd, as well as being successful in general (he just received his first Gold certification as well as a placement in the Billboard list “13 Dance Artists Who Dominated 2017”); Cartal decided that today was the right time to debut some more original material. And it is safe to say, that the track is even catchier than the rest of his songs.

His latest release is called “Walking By” and features talented Norwegian singer-songwriter Iselin Solheim performing guest vocals. Cartal’s new track is a very cute and catchy pop song that shines brightly in the pop-sphere thanks to Solheim’s sweet-as-candy-vocals and Cartal’s signature deep house beats.

The new song is a slight contrast to his previous release, “Runaway”, which showcased a big drop and more dancefloor-ready beats. “Walking By”, on the other hand, acts kind of like the chilled little sister. There are no big drops, no fancy dance music techniques. It is kept simple but effective. The song instantly lifts your mood while gently taking your mind off of all the stress. Especially, Iselin Solheim helps to take the song into a higher dimension.

Take a listen if you want to:

In case you have the strong feeling that Solheim’s voice sounds kind of familiar, let us reassure you: you have definitely heard her before. While her name may not ring a bell in everyone’s mind, Iselin is no stranger to the music industry as she previously lent her voice to Alan Walker’s smash hit “Faded” as well as his follow-up release “Sing Me To Sleep”.

If you are enjoying “Walking By” as much as we do, we might excite you with the following piece of information: This brand new track serves as another taste of what Felix Cartal will present us with for his upcoming album “Next Season”. His latest long-length record will be out soon, according to recent interviews.

“Walking By” arrives via Physical PResents and is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer of your choice starting today.

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