Famous People Who Love to Gamble

Gambling has long been part of human culture and history despite strict regulations by different authorities. Today, more jurisdictions across the world seem to be embracing gambling activities. As such, it’s not surprising to see different celebrities and famous rich people enjoying casino games online and in Las Vegas-style casinos.

Here’s a quick look at five rich and famous people you might find enjoying online poker, blackjack and other casino games in their free time.

Toby Maguire

Popular for his performance in Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire also loves gambling. Tobey Maguire lost his role to Ben Affleck in 2004, but his incredible gambling skills in Texas Hold ’em and Omaha poker are remarkable.

Tobey Maguire is among the most popular celebrities who gamble for money, participating in several local tournaments. He even won the Hollywood Park Casino tournament. He also won over $300,000 playing poker in 2011, which made some people suspect him of fraud.

Kerry Packer

Famed Australia’s Crown Casino group owner, Kerry Packer, is a media tycoon and an avid casino player. In the late 20th century, Kerry Packer was considered a powerful media proprietor who liked gambling the types of stakes that trigger adrenal glands.

When Kerry Packer laid his bets, he’d most likely win the hand. His casino brand has attracted many famous and rich people like Aussie footballer Jason Dunstall.

Matt Damon

American actor and screenwriter Matt Damon is an avid poker player and enthusiast. Matt is popular for his role in Rounders, which influenced his love for gambling as he spent most of his time around famous business tycoons.

Confident in his learning ability, Matt Damon started gambling across various casinos. He also appeared in several professional tournaments where he won large sums of cash. However, Matt doesn’t gamble for cash as he has a successful acting career. He gamblers for entertainment and to improve his skills.

Ben Affleck

A two-time Academy Awards star, Ben Affleck, has won huge sums of money by betting. The three-time Golden Globe awards winner developed a gambling habit in 2000 and even had to seek professional help for related problems.

Ben Affleck was popular in every popular casino worldwide, where he played blackjack and poker. He was also known for leaving the casino employees with massive tips.

Michael Jordan

American businessman and NBA legend Michael Jordan started betting on classic children’s games like rock, paper, and scissors. Michael Jordan is known to have wagered over $100,000 on this classic fun game, and he’s also known for betting large amounts of money on his golf games.

Michael Jordan was known for staying up all night during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 while betting on ridiculous events. However, some people claim that Michael Jordan once lost millions in a single night of gambling.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Gambling isn’t a big deal when you’ve got lots of cash to your name. Floyd Mayweather has earned up to $250 million in a single fight, which gives him the cash flow to bet on whatever he wishes. Mayweather is the kind of gambler who loves boasting and showing off his betting activities, placing huge wagers on sports events.


Written by Monella