Fan Story Of The Week: Georgina Callander

As a new addition here at CelebMix, we’ve decided to open a door of opportunity to feature our readers and their experiences while meeting their favorite celebrities.

We understand that it is a crucial part in someone’s life when they are given the chance to meet their idol, so we are happy to be able to highlight that special moment for our readers.

This week, we are sharing Georgina Callander’s experience while meeting the girls of Fifth Harmony – specifically her moments shared with Dinah Jane. CelebMix's Fan Story Of The Week; Meet Georgina Callander 1

Her story begins on the 4th of November, 2015 –

“I went over to Camila first and gave her the biggest hug ever. She asked me how I was and I told her that I was good and how much I loved her. She’s so petite and small and I’m almost positive she told me she loved me too, but security was rushing us so I can’t say for certain. I then made my way over towards Normani who was as sweet as could be. She also asked how I was and I told her I loved her before walking over to Lauren. Lauren was on vocal rest so she simply waved and then proceeded to point to her throat. She was so beautiful that after I hugged her I just said oh my god, you are so gorgeous. It literally just came out. I now understand the term word vomit.”

Although Georgina received photos with all of the girls in them, she unfortunately was unable to stand next to Camila, Lauren, and Normani.

“You got to choose who you were going to stand next to before entering the M&G. I was lucky enough to stand next to Dinah and Ally. Dinah is my absolute favorite so that’s why I chose her and Ally happened to be standing right next to her.

“Ally was literally the sunshine that lighted up the whole room. She told me she loved my glasses which was so nice to hear. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too. She’s so nice.” CelebMix's Fan Story Of The Week; Meet Georgina Callander 2But what really stuck out to Georgina and made her overall experience one to remember, was the shared intimacy she had with Dinah;

“When I got to Dinah, she brought me into the biggest hug ever. I was laughing nervously and she told me I was so cute because of it. She then asked me what my name was and when I said Georgina, she repeated it slowly so she could get it right – it was a name she said she’s never heard before. I nearly died at the way she said it… so beautiful.”

It’s no secret that anyone who has been lucky enough to cross paths with the ladies of Fifth Harmony, have anything negative to say about them or the way they act. Their genuine hearts are a true rarity in the world that we live in, and Georgina’s M&G easily confirmed that.

“Dinah complimented me on my outfit right before we proceeded to take the photos, and in the CUTEST british accent she went let’s take a picture! She was so excited and cute – it made me die. She is also a lot funnier in person!”CelebMix's Fan Story Of The Week; Meet Georgina Callander 3

Georgina explained to us that all in all, she got to take a series of three photos because Camila kept asking if they could take more –

“She went wait oh wait! I like screamed so I wasn’t ready. Can we take another one? It was so cute and funny because Dinah was saying how much she liked it, but we took another one anyway. After we took the third one (thank you Camila) we had to leave, so I hugged Dinah again and thanked her for being so kind. She told me that she loved me and I said it back. It was truly incredible.”

Georgina saw the girls perform later that night where she was able to watch front row. She explained with certainty that it was 100% worth the money she paid for. She even shared with us that Camila favorited her tweet AND followed her all in the same day!

“It was honestly the best day ever.” 

Certainly sounds like it! We are super jealous!

It was an honor to be able to chat with Georgina about her experience on meeting Fifth Harmony, as well as being able to share her story with our readers. Who knew it was possible to love the girls even more than we already have?!

CelebMix's Fan Story Of The Week; Meet Georgina Callander 1

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Written by Victoria Christiano

An iced coffee enthusiast who loves to write and take photos.