Fan Tattoos: The Stories Behind The Ink

The relationship that a musician has with their fans is a beautiful thing: it’s a relationship that cannot be broken and is expressed as an immensely strong bond.

“Real bands save fans, real fans save bands.”
– Michael Clifford

The success of a musician’s career is based on the support from their fanbase and how strongly the fans stick by said artist through their toughest times, their lowest points, and their biggest victories – the fans will always be by their side.

Artists like One Direction, Justin Bieber, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Fifth Harmony have said countless times that they would not be where they are today had it not been for their fans and the large impact they’ve had on their lives.

The relationship between fan and musician is not a one-way street; it goes both ways. Musicians have had a huge impact on their fans as well and often it’s through their music and lyrics.

“We listen to music and tattoo the lyrics that touch us.”
-Excerpt from reasons why i write /// ehnigma

Lyrics that touch fans from the artists they idolize, often touch them in a way that nothing else can; the lyrics have a deeper meaning than what is seen on the surface. It speaks to them and they can relate to it.

Some fans go to the extent of getting the lyrics tattooed on their skin as it reminds them of a story left unspoken, a memory long forgotten, or a gruesome battle fought.

We decided to that maybe it was time to explain some of those stories and picked three fan tattoos that touched us. Hopefully they’ll touch you too.

Priska – “I won’t fade into darkness” lyric from Airplanes by 5SOS

Fan Tattoos: The Stories Behind The Ink 1

One of the greatest things about being human is that we have plenty of battles to fight and the strength to fight them, no matter how tough they are. Our greatest weakness is convincing ourselves we can’t fight or don’t have the strength when in fact, we do.

The story behind Priska’s tattoo is a lesson we can learn from. A lot of people tried to bring her down, but instead of surrendering under the pressure, she built up the courage and strength to stay true to herself and keep herself together.

Priska proved that she wouldn’t stand by and let herself fade into the darkness. 5SOS’ influence musically and emotionally is what encouraged her to keep fighting.

“Through this tattoo, I’m showing that they’ll never be able to break me, that I’ll always stand up, and that I’ll never fade away.”

Marissa – “I’m there” lyric from I’m There by Hey Violet

Fan Tattoos: The Stories Behind The Ink 2

Having suffered from depression since she was just 11 years old and a suicide attempt back in 2013, the battle that Marissa has fought has changed her outlook on life. She’s been through hell and back and she’s more than happy to say she’s overcome it.

Marissa felt as if she was fighting the battle by herself and that no one wanted to help her; she soon learned that that wasn’t the case.

The story behind Marissa’s tattoo is one that teaches a lesson of courage and hope when in a time of total darkness. Her tattoo and the lyrics in the song are a constant reminder that she is never alone, that no one should ever feel alone.

Hey Violet’s influence on Marissa’s life is the reason why she is more confident in herself and is proud to be who she is.

“It’s a constant reminder for me that I am never alone and that I don’t have to be alone, with feelings of negativity I’m harboring. Some days are hard and sometimes staying strong isn’t easy, but it’s always important to know that you are never alone in your walk and never alone in your battles.”

Erica – “To be loved, to be in love” lyric from 18 by One Direction

Fan Tattoos: The Stories Behind The Ink 3

Erica has always wanted a 1D related tattoo and was inspired to get one while on a trip to California on spring break with her friends. She came across a girl who had the same lyrics tattooed on her rib cage; wanting to make it her very own, Erica changed the font and put it on both her wrists.

“I got that specific tattoo because Harry sings that part of the song and Harry has a special place in my heart.”, she explained.

The story behind Erica’s tattoo is a lesson that teaches us that you can find inspiration from anyone, anywhere at any time, no matter where you are. If a song or song lyric means a lot to you, don’t hesitate to make it a part of who you are.

“I made the words facing towards me so that I can always remind myself that love is an important quality to have.”

So, what exactly do all of these stories have in common? They’re all stories that teach crucial lessons that anyone can take something from.

These fans have shown what it means to be human; expressing the ways they can so passionately connect to music, lyrics, and the people who have impacted their lives in the biggest ways possible.

“Beauty goes deeper than the surface.”
-Lyric from Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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