ROSEMONT, IL - DECEMBER 14: Singer Ariana Grande performs onstage during 103.5 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2016 at Allstate Arena on December 14, 2016 in Rosemont, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for iHeart)

Why Fans Love Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is known worldwide for her incredible singing and acting skills. She got a huge boost to her career back in 2010 when she was cast as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Since 2010, Grande has formed a huge fan base- known as Arianators- made up of over 139 million combined Twitter and Instagram followers. Her latest album, Dangerous Woman, debuted at number two and has sold over a million certified units. We decided to talk to some fans to see what it is about Ariana that makes them love her so much!

Kayla, 15, California, United States:

“Well first off.. can I just say that I am so proud to stan a beautiful queen that slays!! She will always be my smol girl from Boca Raton. She really has come so far. Ariana can go from being serious to an absolute dork in seconds which is one of the many reasons why I love her so much. I love how she’s not afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in. She has helped so many people in this world including myself with literally anything from depression to coming out to you parents or anyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better inspiration. Ariana means so much to me that I can’t even put it into words other than ‘this is forever I promise you.’ I can’t wait for new music and to see what she does on the Dangerous Woman Tour!!”

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Leigh, 17, Ireland

“Why do I love Ariana? Oh geez, prepare yourself. Ariana is an amazing, incredible down to earth woman. I became a fan of her when I was just 11 years old so I’ve gotten the honour to grow up with her through my teenage years. She is a role model to me and I can only hope to become half the woman that she is today. Ariana is always standing up for LGBTQ+ rights as well as women rights and female empowerment and I’m totally here for it. I think that it is important for young girls to have a strong female to look up to who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and be vocal about issues in the world. She also loves and cares for animals so so much- I’ve lost track of how many dogs Ariana has. Plus she’s vegan which I really admire her for! She’s always been very nice to her fans. I find it funny how whenever someone claims that Ari was rude to them, they never have a video or anything to prove it. People just want to make her out to be some sort of diva-monster when really she’s the complete opposite. Oh and Ariana’s talent! Oh my god she has some of the best vocals I have seen from this generation, and such a wide variety of music. If you listen to “Jason’s Song” and then “Side to Side” and then “My Favorite Part” with Mac Miller, all three songs are completely different. She uses all these different types of tracks to showcase her vocals and I love love love it.”

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Sophia Cini, 15, Canada

“When I first got into Ariana Grande I was so happy that I finally had a beautiful, amazing and talented female to look up to. She is so independent and so confident she inspires me to be who I am and inspires me to not be scared to show the world who I really am. I love her so much because she lit a candle in my heart that no one else could light. Ariana’s music is so beautiful and she put so much hard work into it, I really admire her.”

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Bradley, United States

“Ariana’s helped me get through tough times. 2014 and 2016 were not good years for me. I lost important people in my life and really the only one who made me feel better was Ariana. She’s just always been there for me, not physically but through her music. It touches you. Changes who you are. If I could ever meet Ariana it would mean so much to me. She’s just so awesome at what she does. She can really take your mind off stuff you don’t even want to think about and helps you move on when something is wrong. Ariana Grande is just a very incredible person and I’m proud to be supporting her since 2012.”

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Hannah, Philadelphia, United States

“Ariana Grande is a huge part of my life. Every single day she puts a smile on my face. She does everything for her fans and thinks of them constantly. I love Ariana for so many reasons and one of the main reasons is her personality in general. She is such a laid back person and always is very happy and content with her life. She is so genuinely nice to everyone around her. She just makes me feel so happy and confident in myself. I love her endlessly for everything she has done for me even if she doesn’t know it.”

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Eleysha, United States

“I love Ariana for a number of reasons and there are so many reasons to love a woman as amazing, and as brilliant as her. I have loved Ariana since she starred on Victorious and of course, my favourite character was Cat Valentine and Ariana portrayed her so well. She’s such a talented actress. I remember when “The Way” came out and everyone in my grade was hyping her up and every day in class I would always hear someone singing along to the song. I didn’t even know she came out with music until weeks later when I saw the music video and WOW I was blown away by her ability to sing like I knew she was vocally talented but hitting those whistle notes?!?? WOW WOW WOW at my age I didn’t even know singing that high existed. Arian has always been one of my BIGGEST female role models. Not only is she able to sing in a way people only dream to sing, but she is a HUGE feminist icon that I absolutely adore. Seeing the intro video for the Dangerous Woman Tour honestly gave me chills. It is such a beautiful and powerful video and Ariana DID that. She impacts so many people, whether it’s because she’s waving a pride flag on stage or being apart of the woman’s march. Ariana is on the road to being the most impactful woman of this generation. She has the vocal ability to mimic other artists spot on like Shakira and Céline Dion which is INCREDIBLE. Dangerous Woman is such a great album as well because her style is all over the place and it just shows how her voice can fit with any style of music and it’s so beautiful. The way she talks is amazing. She stores so much beauty and elegance in such a small body I don’t even know how she manages. She adores her fans so much and f*** any rumour that says she hates her fans. She listens to us and pays attention to what we like and what we don’t and she gives us what we ask which isn’t common for artists to do which shows how amazing and how she goes to such huge measures to make us happy. Ariana interacts with us with every chance she gets. Ariana is amazing and beautiful. She is a selfless and powerful woman who I can call my idol. She deserves more recognition then what she gets and shouldn’t be known as just ariana grande but as Ariana Grande.”

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