Why Fans Love Cheryl

Over the years Cheryl has been through a heck of a lot, and her loyal fans who she calls her Soldiers have stood by her every step of the way!

From day one with Girls Aloud to solo super-stardom her fans have been there for the ride.

Over the past decade the Geordie pop princess has been through two very public divorces, a life threatening battle with malaria, sackings, body shaming and media scrutiny, but along with some downs there have also been incredible highs along the way with Cheryl becoming a record breaking recording artist in 2014 when she became the first British female to score five number 1 singles in the UK, launching her own charity The Cheryl’s Trust, her role as an X Factor judge, two number 1 albums, her own shoe range, four best selling perfumes, etc.

While all this has gone on the one constant in Cheryl’s life has been the support of her fans, so we thought we would talk to some of her dedicated Soldiers to find out why they love their idol so much and how she inspires them.

Charlie, South Yorkshire, UK.

She inspires me because she literally came from hardly anything and worked so hard to achieve her dreams. Not only has she created such success for herself, she’s still stayed humble and grounded. Also her strength, she’s been to hell and back and come out stronger, she inspires me because she’s still just a normal person.   

Kayley, South Wales, UK. 

She inspires me because she smiles no matter what’s thrown at her, she adores her soldiers and she never gives up! I love her for the person she is xxx.

Claire Anderson, Chesterfield, UK.

Cheryl is probably the most grounded and down to earth celeb you could ever meet, even through all of her success she still remains so humble. She’s got such a beautiful and kind heart as well as her insane talent. I’m so thankful to have someone as incredible as Cheryl in my life. She never fails to inspire me.

Destiny, UK. 

I love Cheryl because she is an incredibly strong and talented woman, she inspires me because she never gives up and she fights for what she wants, she also has a heart of gold and cares so much about each and every single one of her fans xx. 

Nia, London, UK.

I love her because of her admirable and kind heart. She is always putting others first and her relationship with her fans is so special. She cares a lot about important issues and her work towards her trust is incredible. She inspires me to work hard and most of all just to be myself throughout everything, and to carry on fighting.

Jules, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

She inspires me to be strong, to believe in myself and to be who I really am. She’s the strongest person I know and she makes me more and more proud everyday without even knowing it. She’s changed my life so much for the better and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her so I’m forever grateful for that . 

Sophia, Australia. 

Well firstly because she’s insanely talented, she has a beautiful voice and watching her perform makes me so happy because she was born to do this. Her smile and those dimples light up my day and when I’m sad all I have to do is look at a picture of her and it makes me feel 100 times better. She has a heart of gold. The way she always interacts with us Soldiers and takes time out of her day to talk to us and remember our names, the charity work she constantly does, the way she’s so committed to her acts on X Factor that they practically become her family, the little things she does for us makes me love her more and more everyday.

Emilie, Newcastle, UK.

I love Cheryl because not only does care a lot about herself and family around her she truly cares about her Soldiers she’s there when we need her, Cheryl listens to all of our problems and helps with supportive tweets and replies. I love Cheryl because she does so much for her Soldiers without her even knowing it, she reaches out to us and makes us smile everyday she 100% has our back when we need her.. Cheryl inspires me in many ways her music, lyrics, smile, personality, dedication, albums and overall Cheryl as a person inspires me to keep strong and soldier on no matter how hard things get, she keeps me sane and focused on what’s important, many of her songs and lyrics have saved lives! It saved me from becoming depressed and shutting things out, her songs ‘Fight For This Love’ and ‘Last One Standing’ helped me open up and stand up for myself as a person as well as keeping me strong and being honest no matter what the outcome from the lows. Cheryl is an incredible human being and not only do I love and protect her as a fan I’m always there as a friend too, Cheryl’s our hero and back bone and without her a lot of our lives would be negatively different.. there’s nothing on earth that I could do to thank her properly for what she has done Cheryl’s a piece of my heart.

Jack, Yorkshire, UK.  

I just love how despite everything Cheryl continues to fight, her love for her fans is unconditional and she is a great role model to have. Who would not love her?. 

Debbie, Florida, USA.

I love Cheryl because: she is such a loving, caring person–you can see it in her eyes, in the charity work she does, in how she cares about everyday people, in how she cares about her fans. She doesn’t have to do all of these things, but she does, because that’s who she is. 

Kate Evans, Cardiff, UK. 

I love Cheryl because she inspires others to be the best they can be! She also cares Soo much about her supporters and also her charity which is amazing! 

Angie, UK. 

Cheryl inspires me because she’s so down to earth and genuine, she’s always giving back to others, those who need it. She uses her fame for the right reasons and to highlight the issues others are faced with. She is the best role model for anyone. We’re very lucky to have such an inspirational woman to look up too.

Felicia, USA.

First and foremost Cheryl is human just like the rest of us and despite her celebrity status she goes through trials and triumphs like the rest of us. I have such a great amount of respect for her. She always handles herself and the negative press with such grace, class and humility. From one woman to another I am in awe of her integrity, character and heart. Cheryl is more than a celebrity, she is a world class business woman who works extremely hard, she has a heart and compassion for others and is always willing to give, not only of herself but her time and dedication. Cheryl has inspired me in more ways than one. She gave me the courage and encouragement to write my own memoir of my life to help others. Her generosity and willingness to get to know her fans is admirable. I only hope that one day I will be able to thank her in person for her impact on my life.

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