Why Fans Love Connor Ball

Recently we took to Twitter to ask why fans loved The Vamps’ very own Connor Ball. The replies were practically endless and some longer ones were even sent in multiple parts, but here are some of our favourites:

“Connor’s an incredible person like he’s so kind and considerable all the time and he personifies sunshine, like it’s impossible not to smile around him! And he gives killer hugs.” – @snapbackcian

“I love how caring and how down to earth he is, and how much he loves to spend time with fans when he meets them.” – @vampsfthometown

“He’s so sweet & genuine, you can really tell that he truly cares about his relationship with fans & he’s so talented!” – @_ffsDaniel

“I like how he always has a smile on his face, like even when he broke his leg he was still smiling.” – @EmilyRoberts13x

“I love how he is always kind to his fans and how he always thinks about them, and no matter what you always see him smiling.” – @JustttANobodyy

“I love Connor’s adorable smile.” – @meganmerrigold

“My favourite things about Condog is that he’s honestly the cutest, most humble, down to earth little rockstar I know of! He’s the sweetest human being ever and I love that he’s  never seen without that damn smile of his.” – @_htbeth

“We all love Connor because he’s just so kind hearted and takes so much time out of his day to keep his fans happy – and always stops out on the street for hugs, chats, and pictures. Also, I’m pretty sure we all love his cheeky little smile and his love for Pokemon. He’s smashing.” – @fxckthebassist

“I like Connor’s eyes and his hair, and his accent because it distinguishes him from the rest of the band and I love Scottish accents! He’s also such a good singer.” – @4aussiesarecool

“Connor Ball is just an adorable human being and I love everything about him.” – @Just_1_Fangirl

“Connor’s smile is adorable and super contagious.” – @BethLucyMurrell

“I love his voice, his smile, his laugh and just about everything about him because he is the definition of perfection.” – @beckie2509

“He has cracking facial hair, great hair and a cute smile.” – @carrie1995x

“I love Connor because he’s goofy and weird, just like me.” – @DanceWithDayl

“He’s so kind and loves his fans, he’s also very energetic on stage.” – @_hometown_help

“His sense of humour is great, like the call prank he did. Also, he has a great accent!” – @coffeecat98

These are just a couple of reasons out of many. Connor Ball is loved and appreciated by so many people, especially all of us here at CelebMix, but do you love him? Let us know if you do and why by commenting below or tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix