Why fans love Dan + Shay

Whilst some people may be unfamiliar with the up and coming country-pop duo, Dan + Shay have had a successful few years breaking into the US country scene. With achievements including the release of two hit albums and multiple singles, the pair are continuing to find triumph in their career. As well as a successful run touring with the likes of Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton, the pair have also pursued their own US and UK tours.

We took to Twitter to find out what their fans love about them!

Why do fans love Dan + Shay?

‘I love Dan+Shay because of so many reasons. Ever since I heard on the radio and first saw them in August of 2014 I instantly became a HUGE fan!! Their music has gotten me through some rough times these past 2 years with the loss of someone who meant a lot to me. Dan especially has become like a best friend to me. When he saw I was having a tough time he messaged me and told me everything was going to be ok . At that time, that’s all I needed was to hear that from him. Every show I go to they make it so special for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for Dan+Shay’ – @BrittanyKing001

‘Their songs touch my heart.’ 

‘Dan+Shay helped make my second half of high school easier because I would always turn to music to make me get over a bad day. Their lyrics tell a story that I never get tired of. They are a blast to meet and super nice and cool to talk to.’ – @emily98brandt

‘I love Dan + Shay because they care about their fans!’

‘I love Dan and Shay because they treat their fans like friends. They create music that tells stories, and they have genuine talent! I have tons of respect for them as people and musicians. My dream would be to meet the guys and thank them in person for sharing get their gifts and for being so accessible to the fans. They keep it honest and real.’ – @DanandShayFanWI

‘They are always active on twitter and love to interact with fans! Dan + Shay make such beautiful music with standout lyrics and fantastic sounds. I’m so proud to support them- they’re the best!’


We love Dan + Shay and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! Check out their newest single ‘When I Pray For You’ here.

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Written by Enya Savage

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