Why Fans Love Inna

Inna is a Romanian Singer who shot to fame with her debut single “Hot”, in 2008. Since then she has released 34 singles to date, and four albums. She is currently working on her fifth studio album, which will include songs “Heaven” and “Say It With Your Body”.

In 2011, she was named the richest recording artist in Romania and Eastern Europe. She has won numerous awards including three MTV Europe Music Awards, several Romanian Music Awards, as well as three Elle Style Awards Romania. In early 2016, her YouTube channel surpassed one billion views.

Inna has worked with some of the biggest stars, from Flo Rida to Pitbull, from Alexandra Stan to J Balvin, from Daddy Yankee to Eric Turner. Her music hits fans globally, from all over the world. She has also sung in many different languages, including Romanian, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic; connecting with her fans on an international scale.

Watch Inna’s music video to “Hot” here:

We took some time to speak to some of Inna’s fans, who call themselves Club Rockers. The name comes from her second studio album “I Am the Club Rocker”. The second single from the album featured Flo Rida and is called “Club Rocker”. Her fans told us why they love her so much.

Watch the music video to Inna’s “Club Rocker” here:

Eetu | 20 | Lapua, Finland – “I’ve been a huge fan of Inna for 7 years now. It all started when I heard the song ‘Hot’ on the radio back in early 2009. It was my favourite song at that time and I remember waiting for her to release more songs. For many years, I listened to her albums ‘Hot’, ‘I Am the Club Rocker’, and ‘Party Never Ends’; my dream was that I could go to her show one day. The dream came true when she had a show in Finland back in 2014. The year after that, she had a show in Sweden and I had the chance to go, so that’s where I went. It was, and still is, one of my life’s best moments to meet and talk with her.

“In 2016, I’ve met her three times; one was in Estonia late summer, and two times in Finland. And to answer the question why I love her, as I said I’ve met her many times and I can say she’s the most kindest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. She’s always so happy, and her shows are full of energy. So, going two times out of Finland to her shows, Sweden and Estonia, speaks for itself. I love her and I’m sure I’ll go to many more shows in the future.”

Huw | 19 | Manchester, England, UK – “I love Inna because she is a successful independent woman who has made all her own successes. She is multi-talented and does a lot for charity. I admire how she sticks to her gut instincts and goes with what she believes is right.”

Aleksandar | 21 | Loznica, Serbia – “I love Inna because her music is my inspiration when I’m drawing. She inspires me to be better and better in my job and to never give up.”

Stefan | 17 | Sibiu, Romania – “I am a Club Rocker since Inna released her first single ‘Hot’ and she is my favourite singer. I love her not only because I like her music so much, but also because she has such a positive vibe. It doesn’t matter if I’m angry or upset, when I listen to her music I always get in a good mood and instantly want to dance. I believe that her image is very well defined that spreads happiness and that is the real thing that created a devoted fan base like the one she has.”

Filip | 17 | Malbork, Poland – “I love Inna because all of her songs are catchy. And she produces the type of music that I love (dance music)”

Jonathan | 23 | Birmingham, England, UK – “As soon as ‘Hot’ appeared on the UK music channels in 2010, I was addicted. Inna has been my life for over six years. I was on holiday in Wales, when ‘Hot’ was released in the UK; I remember walking into HMV Bangor and buying the CD single, which I still have. Since then I have followed her career, bought every music release, and watched all her music videos. My favourite album is ‘Party Never Ends’, as I had it on repeat for months since it was released. However, nothing beats the classic songs from her debut album ‘Hot’ and her realness of her second album ‘I Am the Club Rocker’. ‘Body and the Sun’ is a pure summer anthem of an album. I love every single song she has ever sung, I could not just pick one favourite song from her, it’s just too difficult.

“My dream is to see her live, some of the videos from her shows are amazing. I was planning on seeing her in London in 2015 but it got cancelled; however, next month she’s going to be in Dublin, Ireland; she’s this close to me, of course I’m going to be there. I literally cannot wait to hear her sing ‘Heaven’! Her voice is just as beautiful as she is; completely stunning. She’s gearing up to release her fifth studio album, and I know it’s going to be amazing! I’ll be a Club Rocker until the day I die. <3”

Watch “Heaven”, Inna’s latest official music video:

Kelvin | 21 | São Paulo, Brazil – “Club Rockers love Inna because her songs, albums and videos are a multicultural journey through the best of music made for dancing.”

Jay | 49 | Shrewsbury, England, UK – “I first became aware of Inna in 2013. My brother would play her song ‘Shining Star’ in the car, at my request. The song just really struck me; I loved her voice, the sound. So, I looked her up online and that’s when there was no going back; boom! I fell in love with her; everything about her.

“We were going to see her live in London, the following year, but, sadly, it was cancelled by the organisers, and so, I am still waiting to see her live. My life is consumed by all things Inna. I collect the CD singles, albums, magazines. I have 3 different signed posters and a signed CD. Next year I am going to Romania on holiday, for the first time, just because of her; I now have a love for her country. My favourite songs are so hard to choose because I honestly do love every song she has done but ‘Shining Star’ remains very close to my heart because it was the song that got me into Inna.”

Listen to “Shining Star” by Inna here:

Vanessa | 20 | San Rafael, Mexico – “I love Inna because, during her entire career, she has always given a lot of love to her fans. Everything she does, she does with great love and dedication for her Club Rockers. She delivers in everything she does. She is very agreeable and friendly. She has a great energy when she performs her songs on stage.”

Check out what Inna is like on stage in this video:

It’s clear that Inna has a lot of devoted fans. Her Club Rockers have stuck by her for years. We only managed to talk to a few, but there are plenty more out there.

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